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    Which speciality is better for MBA-Sales and Marketing or HR?

    Confused between MBA Sales, Marketing or HR? No need to be worried, check this page for resolving your confusion.

    I have very recently joined the MBA program through correspondence from an University. I am currently working in the field of HR in a FMCG company. The problem is as such that the being a HR professional, I must hone my skills in the same field. I should also take whatever professional courses I can, from the same field. The only problem is that my status for the job is as an expat employee. In the field of HR, the jobs are reserved for the locals only for higher posts so feeling like a glass ceiling effect in my profession. Please advise what would be more ideal to choose as a specialization MBA with HR or MBA with Sales and Marketing?
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  • Hi,
    I would suggest you to choose MBA HR as you are already in the same field. Your problem is that you are working as expat and the HR job is reserved for locals only. After acquiring degree in MBA HR if your company absorb you as HR professional, well and good other wise leave it with experience certificate and you will be hired at better package in some other company.
    If you are pursuing MBA in sales and marketing, you will be facing lot of problem as for as I know. In sales and marketing field a company will ask you to join at start up position and scale without considering your qualification. Another problem is that MBA sales and marketing course is offered in almost all the college and universities. Comparatively MBA HR course is not offered by all the colleges and universities, so you will face lesser competition in HR field. Lastly it depends upon your nature and interest. As you are already working as HR executive, so it is well known field for you. In sales and marketing field you have to travel through out your career and HR management is just opposite to it. HR is more management and decision making type job. You are manager between company and workforce. After all it is our suggestion, better decision can be taken by you only.

  • All specializations are good if one is having passion for that particular field.
    In your case, you are already working in the field of HR; it shows your interest in the same. At the same time you are pursuing your MBA through correspondence, so it will give you many opportunities to understand the theories practically. And this will lead to a better understanding of what your will be learning.
    On another part, Sales and Marketing is a field which needs lots of planning and field work. So, if you have passion for that, you can also enter in that field but then your current experience will not work and once you complete your course, you will need to search a new job with Sales and Marketing specialization.
    Another option which I want to suggest you is to prefer regular course. This is because regular courses from most of the institutes are associated with good placements at the end and you will need not to search for a job on your own if you will perform well in your academics.
    If there is financial issues in your family, do work for some time and arrange money and then you can pursue your regular course with full dedication.


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  • If you are trying to get into IT company then HR and recruitment related MBA sounds more promising. If you are extrovert and have more sales and marketing enthusiasm, then yes, the related MBA in that domain sounds good. However do note that each MBA has it's direction. So you may have to choose the career stream wisely here. Because once taken admission it's harder to switch into. Most of the sales and marketing MBA can get into the HR. But HR MBA usually don't know how the marketing and sales work.

    Another thing is that if you get into finance and banking MBA. That can be good as well. Most of the demand regarding the finance is all time high since last 2 years. So that can be approached as well. If you are good with the banking then that's another stream to check into.

    HR MBA and Admin MBA can be done through part time or the online or correspondence distance learning way. That is one possibility worth checking.

  • It solely depends upon your inclination. Idid my MBA in HR, and fortunately, very fortunately, I can utilise my acquired knowledge in my present job assignment. The MBA degree in HR has really helped me and is helping me in my work.

    Similarly, you have to assess your job profile and your area of interest. If you like sales and marketing in the FMCG company, you may opt for specialisation in Sales or Marketing in MBA. Otherwise, if you want to coninue in HR Department, you may chose HRM as specialisation. It would really help you in your job environment.

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  • As I have thought in an MBA college, HR needs lot of personal development skills., whereas marketing depends on how you express your product convincingly to the consumer. Before taking the specialty subjects just think whether your convenient with HR or with Marketing. Because both need lot of Skill to be applied. Just do run behind promotion's at your work place. You should be satisfied with your work. Suppose if you have interest in the new products of market then go in for marketing because it needs lot of patience and knack to convince the consumer about your product. Suppose if your interested in only in personality development features then I think its better you go for HR. Always be convenient with your job. That gives the full satisfaction in the work.

  • MBA is having different specialisations such as Human - resource management, Computer - management, Finance - management, Sales and Marketing management etc and the persual of a particular stream is chosen by the aspirants depending on their passions and interest for a particular stream.
    Let me analyse the case of your present assignment. Since you have indicated that you are working as a HR professional in a FMCG company so it would be better on your part to strengthen your skill in the similar line by taking up the course of HR management. This course will provide you different tools for enhancing your managerial - skills and at the same time you will learn how to handle the people having different mind - frames to achieve the common - goals set by the company. With the right practices of the skill by acquiring HR management, you can motivate, encourage and engage the people of different mind- frames to achieve the desired result in terms of the profit of the company.
    Supposing that you change your stream other than HR management, you have to readjust with the new environment and sometimes the newly chosen field may not match your likings leading to the greatest setback for your career. Let us understand it in a different way, suppose one is very much interested to acquire the stream of Sales and Marketing and with the consistent labour, one manages to get the distinction marks at the end of the term but all efforts may go in vain if one cannot achieve the target of the company in terms of sales.
    So, the final decision has to be taken by judging one's outlook and attitude. Hence, you need to weigh pros and cones before you take any decision with regard to choosing your specialisation course for MBA.

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