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    What are the non-software jobs that a girl can do after B.Tech IT?

    Eager to take up a career that is off-the-beaten track which is unrelated to software? Get an idea from the suggestions provided here on what are the non-IT career opportunities for girls on completing B.Tech. IT.

    I have completed my BTech last year and from then on I am working as a software developer. I am done with coding kind of stuff and I have seen the life of my senior developers, a life which is not that much worthy. I want a job which is adventurous , which gives satisfaction , respect and also which is odd. Any suggestions?
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  • By the virtue of you have qualified as B tech in IT specialization, naturally you are taken into that career only. However it seems you have other goals in life and want a satisfied job. For a girl nothing is best than fashion designing. No matter you wasted time on B tech, please pursue the coarse in Fashion designing technology which should give you immense satisfaction as there is no end for research and new fashion every day and I hope for the girl like your caliber should fit into that stream.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • If you don't like coding, testing and few other IT skills then it can be helpful if you can get into the backoffice IT jobs. Those are stress free compared to the development and other front end jobs. In case of backend jobs you can get into HR recruitment, data entry, finance etc.

    Some of the good jobs for IT graduate who don't want to get into Core development.

    1. Tech support - This can be a good but a bit stressful job if your voice skills are good. Also typing skills are necessary for this job.

    2. BPO & KPO - They may not be attractive due to the timing for women. But they can pay good salary if you can adjust. KPO jobs are mostly filing and data work but still in UK or Australia shift.

    3. Content Writer - Not an IT job but there are some of the companies such as times of india, scoopwhoop which are paying good money for such jobs. It can earn upto 30K per month.

    4. Travel Lead associate- Here the work is to visit new places, acquire new leads for the sites such as trivago, makemytrip etc. And this involves heavy travelling and work hours. It can be good if you like travelling.

    5. Fashion Designing - There are plenty of options when it comes to fashion designing. Lot of companies and the small boutiques shows the promise for the new design and clothing range.

    6. Educational consulting - There is a lot of demand for guide who can navigate the youth on approaching the higher education abroad. This can open up more possibilities. Also it can be a good stress free career.

    7. Charity - If you want adventure, reward and mental peace, then you should get into NGO and other type of jobs. This can help you also have some peace at the end of the day for being part of the change.

    These are some careers worth checking out.

  • If you look around, you will be astonished to see that how the women are leading in so many fields. Let be example of sports, medical, banking, fashion etc. Every where women are proving better and giving tough challenge to male contestant/competitors. As you do not like the engineering field, I will suggest some better field for you. Women have to balance between life and work to have effective life style and manage the family effectively. Following career can be chosen by women to balance family and professional life effectively-
    1. Teaching- very good profession for ladies,
    2. Human Resource- This is another good field for girls and ladies,
    3. Administrative in government, public and private sector,
    4. Medical field - is very good for ladies.

    Specifically in your case, you pursue MBA in HR, Hospital management or hospitality. You can get the management job in a company or hospitals or hotels. As per your nature and area of work, you can decide the course to pursue in post graduation. As you are already B Tech. So, MBA will be the most suitable degree for you.

  • There are a lot of jobs which can be persued despite being a graduate in Engineering from IT field. Such jobs will offer you immense satisfactions apart from earning money. You may have a serious look in the following professions-
    1) To start a Computer Institute - Since you had sufficient exposure in the IT field while practicing the same in your student life, you may start training to new aspirants in the different computer related languages such as Soft - ware testing, Visual basics, Java, C++, Oracle, SAP etc. You can handle such jobs independently and there would not be such time - binding which is required in an IT company.
    2) Day - care Schools- In the recent time, we have seen a new set of generations where both the couples are engaged in the jobs having a little/ no time for their kids. In such cases, it would prove to be boon for both parents having small kids and yourself. You would undertake a responsible job where kids would get enough attention in your association apart from earning substantial money.
    3) Attach yourself with some NGO organisations- To be attached to Red - cross Society or similar organisation would give you mental satisfaction with your sincere involvements. You would get plenty of the oppurtunities of serving the ailing people which may give you a sense of satisfaction.
    4) Joining a BPO firm - In case you are fluent in English and are aware of atticates and have a flair of mixing up with the important people, joining of BPO company would not be a bad idea.
    5) Sales - promotion- The reputed companies look out for the young and smart people who can create impact before the audience for boosting up of the sales of newly released products and on completion of such sales - targets, you will be given attractive bonus apart from your salary.
    However, a serious consideration is required prior to undertaking such jobs.
    1) SS

  • Your query is very not clear. Always you should decide that what you wish to do in future. Always shape your future by yourself, don't depend on others to do it. Well as per query I think your not much interested in the IT line or the profession you have studied. Suppose if you want to be an adventures lady then go in and join national geographic channel where there is lot of adventures. Similar you can enter as TV News reporter. But always have satisfaction with what your working. Because if we have fickle mind at the start of our career then we will not be able to build up our future in the line we are interested. There are n number of ways to work. You can Select which ever suits you or interested.

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