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    HR has kept students on hold after interview

    Worried about being kept on hold after interview? check out this page to resolve your query.

    I recently had interview in one company (in college).
    After announcing the final list,they sent one more list of students as pending list. I was one among them.
    Now one month is over and still they have not announced the results of the pending list of students.
    Can you provide a solution to this query?
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    To remain on the safer side, the management displays two sets of lists - firstly the aspirants who qualified the entire interview process and the other one includes of such aspirants having got lesser marks than the successful candidates. This list serves as a back up process for the management and any default in the process of joining from the successful ones would be filled up from the list of Pending - list.
    Since there has been an elapse of one month after the process of interview, you may expect a call from the management since the panels released by them normally remain valid to the extent of a year. However, there are certain multinational companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant etc who normally keep the successful aspirants apprised of their status in the final interview. You may wait for some more times say for two months and then you may make a query from them regarding your pending - status.
    In the meanwhile, you may make attempts in other organisations by appearing in Interviews conducted by them. You would be rewarded ultimately for your consistent approach.

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    There are three things "on hold" means when it comes to HR interview.

    1. Rejection
    2. On hold till they see other candidates.
    3. On hold till you get job instead of alternative.

    When HR tell you that they will hold on the application and thanks you for attending interview. That sort of assertive interview farewell is outright rejection. And in case of HR telling you they have some candidate to see after you and till then theya re holding the result. That means they do consider you but thinking for more suitable candidate. And in third scenario the on hold applies if there is no alternative for them from limited set of people. And they want to keep you on hand and not want to lose you.

    So it depends on what context the HR has told you for the holding of interview. Do note that you should always treat such hold on with professional approach. And you should avoid taking negatively. Approach each interview positively.

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    In a company the requirement of new staff is the continuing process and they would be short listing the candidates for various sections and departments based on their qualification. Some times bright candidates with good skills get the job chance at the drop of the hat and are even informed about the selection before hand even before giving the selection order. But for some candidates they keep them in pending status which indicates that if the candidates already being offered jobs wont turn up means the pending list candidates would be called and given chance. It is as good as you have got that RAC in the train.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel it is better to attend interviews of other companies also , if that is possible. The present company has kept its alternative provision. So you are also to have your own alternative provision by applying and attending another company recruitment process.

    If you have any placement official in you college please have a discussion with him and get his guidance also.

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    I also been in this situation when I was a fresher and I can relate to the stress and adrenaline rush going through. The wait for the call from the actual company irritates the most.
    Now I come to know the actual process behind the pending list. Whenever the Hiring process happens, hiring managers tend to have two lists one the final selected one and other one with pending list. As already sheo Shankar jha mentioned, its based on the who qualified the entire interview process are in the Final selected and the other one includes of such aspirants having got lesser marks than the successful candidates into the Pending list.

    A student from pending list is called up when the actual finalized list student has moved to other companies which offer better pay or environment or core job.. as such many reasons. And there are other factors also like waiting for the approval for the position to open up from client. Hiring managers would have selected more people and kept in pending list keeping the thought of a new project may get signup where it may require huge number of resources. To be on safer side and to avoid going to hiring mode in later stage, they select in prior and tend to keep students in pending list. Based on the client/manager approval they will call up.

    I would suggest keep on attending other companies interview too and choose the best one which will be good for career growth and gives Satisfaction.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    Your situation does not astonished me as I have an experience like this. when I was a fresher this situation happened with me, Although I am in the first list they kept us on the hold for the candidates that are ranked in the top positions of the list. It is the policy for the colleges and also for the companies. You are in the second list or in the waiting list. the fact is that if some students of the first list does not took the job only then you will be selected.
    So, don't waste your time and sit for some other companies too. you can go for off campus interviews as most of the companies select their candidates through off campus selection. for that upload your CV in to job sites like naukri or monster or shine. brush up your skills and knowledge. do not worry so much and hope for the best.

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    Keeping candidates on hold has become a common phenomenon in recent times and in such cases company is in an advantageous position because in case some persons are not joining in time the company can immediately call from the backup list.
    From the individual aspirants view point it may look like a rejection but we should not be disheartened from this considering the fact that now a days there are so many candidates and neck to neck competition that even the excellent could be in back up list.
    So best course is forget this episode and continue applying else where with the same zeal and vigor.

    Knowledge is power.

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    will the company go to another college for hiring after giving offer letters to visited colleges?

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    Since one month is over, I think you better move on and search for a new job interview. I will tell you what could have exactly happened there. I have seen such incidents in real life. The reasons of why the company people kept a pending list of candidates is that they wanted to keep a backup.
    Now, the question is why they would keep a backup? Seldom a company does that. There could be 2 reasons for that.
    • From whatever interviews they took and candidates they selected, they are not fully satisfied that those candidates will perform well. Again the candidates in the pending list didn't perform well in the interview. Hence the backup plan.
    • Although the selected candidates performed brilliantly, the company management is in dilemma. They are worried whether such brilliant candidates will join their company. So they keep a backup pending list.

    But in neither case it should take a month to decide. So please look for other companies, as this company has already got what they wanted.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    It depends on the company. If it is a good and reputed MNC like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS etc. then I would say that there is a good chance that you might get a call. But usually these company don't make such a list.
    If it is a small company, there is hardly any chance that they will call you. Only in the case when people selected don't join they would contact you. Please look for a good job and have a backup plan so that even if the company doesn't call you can join somewhere else or pursue you studies further.
    Hoping for your successful future.
    God Bless

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