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    Insurance Business related jobs and private jobs

    Have a query about getting job in private and business insurance sector? Find resolution to all your queries on this Ask Expert page.

    I want to start my career in insurance sector. In this sector which field better? What is the career growth in this sector? I am not asking about government related insurance jobs. Since there is huge competition I am asking about business related insurance jobs and private related insurance jobs.
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  • There are various job opportunities out there for thee insurance sector. Insurance sector is very booming due to sedentary lifestyle. And the insurance companies are in need of sales managers and business administrators. So there are plenty of job opening for the insurance sector. And there is plenty of job opportunities available.

    There are business dependent on the insurance sector. Such as the travel, transport and few others. These business rely on various type of insurance plans. And this is where the demand comes in. Companies such as fullertron, AXA like, Bajaj Allianz, ICICI lombard, HDFC insurance etc. These companies are supplying insurance to individuals and various business sectors.

    As for which insurance sector is good. I'd say it has to be health insurance and travel insurance. As these industries are the moving money mostly. Other insurance industries may have small cash flow. Though small business insurance may cost high but it has it's share of low cashflow. Same can be said about vehicle insurance. There is definitely limit at which the insurance money can be made in that sector. I'd suggest get into the health insurance or if possible vehicle insurance sector.

  • Insurance sector is an important sector and always on the growth only. Mainly there are two categories of insurance. Personal(related to body and life of a person) and non-personal (related to possessions and assets and business or events ).
    Potential for career growth is there in both. Insurance is one sector where there is continuous growth.

    Earlier insurance was almost monopoly of the public sector insurance companies. But now there are many private companies giving insurance service . Hence there is a very good competition in insurance sector.

    According to one's qualifications and experience and aptitude, on can have various openings in insurance sector. One can be an insurance agent, an office assistant employee, officer grade employee or even contractual recruit.

    Success in career depends on ability to garner more and more business and increase the business achieving and surpassing given targets and deadlines. Innovation will fetch more rewards. As of now medical insurance is on the rise. However wherever there is an element of risk , insurance can be thought and innovated.
    Once you get a start, you will come to know how to progress.

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