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    My father's name is different from my certificates

    Having an incorrect name entry in certificates? Wondering how to resolve this issue? On this Ask Expert page resolve your query.

    My father's name is written incorrectly in my certificates.
    Will this create a problem getting central/state government jobs and any other property issues?
    Can you resolve my query?
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  • Your father's name is D. Gopal Reddy in your certificates and name of your father is same in all your ID Proofs. Where is the problem? If you are above the age of eighteen years then only your certificates will be asked for all purposes. If you want that your father's name should reflect as D. Raja Gopal Reddy in your certificates and ID proofs, then you have to follow specified procedure for name change. It should be changed in all the certificates and ID proofs. There are three simple steps to be followed to change the name in certificates.
    1. Affidavit- First step to change the name of an individual is through affidavit issued by local notary available near to you. Mention the proper reason to change the name. You have to mention the correct name to be reflected in your documents with proper reason.
    2. Next step is publishing the correct name in two news papers at least and preserve the 10 copies of those news papers. Apart from preserving the hard copy , you can preserve the soft copy of those news papers in which name change matters has been published.
    3. For publishing your matters in gazette notification of India, send the copy of affidavit and news paper copy to gazette notification department Delhi. This is the complete process to change the name of an individual in certificates.
    On the issue of name in your certificates there will not be any problem in Government/ Private job.

  • Thank You Sir. Due to some communication problem, my father's name was written as "D Gopal Reddy" instead of "D.Raja Gopal Reddy" during my 10th class in 2008. It has been 8 years since issue of my matriculation certificate. Is it possible to change name at present in all my certificates I.e., in my 10th,12th and degree certificates and id proofs?

  • What I feel that now a days making corrections to the data wrongly printed has become easy, thanks to the online technology of any department. You can go to the board concerned with all the testimonials and proof suggesting the right name of your father and submit the affidavit along with the xerox copies of supporting documents so that the corrections would effected immediately. Moreover if the affidavit is signed and notarized the action taken by the department would be immediate as they are sure of your information and make the right changes immediately.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • I don't no why this type of query is repeating every time. Yes if your father's name is incorrect in the certificates definitely you will have to face lot of problems in future because every where you require to give your father's name.
    Its better you get changed to the correct name by writing a letter to the board regarding changing your father's name in certificate. Along with the letter you attach your father's aadhar card , pan card and voter card xerox. The proof that your attaching should have a correct name. After 15 days you will receive your certificate with correct name changed. I think before getting another certificate you need to submit your previous certificate for which you have asked for change of name. So before attending any govt job please get all your certificates in correct father's name.

  • This seems like check in the naming. So your all documents need to be updated with the new name as per the correction. You have to apply to each place for correction in documents. You have to get the letter for each place from where you need the name correction. Make sure the new change is as per the requirement. You can also approach nearby grahak e-seva kendra in your city.They can also guide you for this service.

  • I think having your father name incorrect will definitely put you in trouble while searching for jobs in government sectors, for that matter in any sector in latter stages. As per the internet saga, thanks to Modi's plan on digitizing the government processess by grahak e-seva kendra . You can go ahead request a name change . If you have studied in CBSE school then I think you need write specific letters to the CBSE board with the documents of your fathers proof to get the name corrected in your marksheets.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    Sir in my certificates my father name is MUNIAPPAN but in my all I'd proofs my father name is MUNIYAPPAN is there any problem it can affect to go central government job.

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