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    Query about viewing password stored in Google chrome

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    I am using Windows 7OS. Recently I have changed my net banking password through my personal Laptop used google chrome browser. When I tried that password through my mobile it shows password is incorrect.
    When I tried with my home PC I am getting the same error. When I opened the bank website on my personal laptop, to enter my username, the new password comes by default. I want to see that recorded password in google chrome browser. Can you give step by step process to find that recorded password?
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  • Follow the below steps and you can find out your saved passwords in Chrome browser.
    1. Open Chrome browser
    2. Type chrome://settings in address bar and hit Enter key
    --> You will be taken to Chrome settings page
    3. Scroll down to bottom of the page
    4. Click on 'Show advanced settings' link
    5. Slowly scroll down and you will see Passwords and Forms section
    6. Click on Manage Passwords link
    --> Pop up will come up and you can see all the saved passwords.


  • It is possible to view the passwords in the chrome session saved by the browser. Follow the steps below in order to get the stored passwords.

    1. Open chrome browser.
    2. Type "//settings" in the URL bar and hit the enter key for the chrome settings page.
    3. Find the "Show advanced" link at the bottom.
    4. Scroll down and and see the passwords and forms option.
    5. Find the button "manage passwords".
    7. Clikc on the link.
    8. In the popup dialog you will find the saved passwords in the browser session.

    There are some of the extensions that also allow you to view the password.

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