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    Software profession in USA for Indians

    Planning to migrate to US and build a career in Software? On this Ask Expert page you will get resolution to all your queries.

    Once there was a good opportunity for Indian software programmers to get jobs in USA with many allowances. There were wide opportunities for many and it was a decade ago but I don't know the current situation.
    Is there still such wide employment opportunity for Indian software professionals to get jobs in USA? What are the demanding software jobs over there?
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  • Yes software and Medical always remains attractive in US. Many graduates go to US for higher studies and for the work. This will continue to be the case in future as well. The reason being the lifestyle offered abroad is much better compared to our own country. We may get paid better here but ultimately the quality of education is lot better in US.

    However do note that the H1B visa process is likely to get affected due to new rules that are coming forward after Donald trump presidency. So the jobs are likely to have issues in outsource format. In such case the amount of people who go abroad will be reduced. Though this will not stop the outsourcing industry. Things will continue to be like they were before. But the amount of people coming to US from abroad for long term stay will be reduced. And this will help their own economy.

    Most of the demanding jobs in US are currently in the following category.

    1. Software Architect.
    2. Software tester for financial and logistic domain.
    3. Data science professionals.
    4. Database professional.

    These four seems to be getting into demand for quite some of the time. And regardless of recession or not, these people will be always in demand around the world.

  • Prior to decision taken by the present president of America - Donald Trump, the Indian software - professionals and even the medical professionals were in good demand in the United States. The fact lies in the unlimited potentials of the Indians - in both software and medical - field. Now with the shift of presidency, Donald Trump would like to enhance jobs for their own nationals and hence H1B visa process has been tightened to arrest the influx of Indian - professionals so that such benifits go to the American - citizens.
    Now looking at the prospects of IT jobs, this will continue to flourish in the similar rate and outsourcing of the job will step up in Database, Software - architect and testing field.
    Similarly there is one critical area - the medical - field where the Indians have significantly contributed in both medicines and surgery and still the Indian - doctors are in the lime- light. The United - states would not like to dilute the standard of the technocrates living in the USA. They have to review their stand in the years to come to maintain their supremacy in the technical field.
    This is the most oppurtune time for the Indian - professionals to upgrade their skill in such a manner that they could exert favourable influence in the areas of their activities so that they become centre of attraction in the coming time.

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