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    How to connect to a wifi through computer?

    Have a query about setting up wifi connection through computer? Find resolution to your problem on this page.

    How can we connect to the wifi through the computer and how to activate the WiFi settings in the computer? With which resources can I get the good wifi signals? With which tools can I get access to my wifi signals?
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    Your Personal Computer should be Wi-Fi enabled. Wi-Fi means connecting with internet without wire. It is very simple and very cheap. Wi-Fi can be enabled in your personal computer by adding very small device to the USB port of your PC. Your Wi-Fi enabled Personal Computer can be shifted anywhere in your house. If your Personal computer is Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect other devices to internet through it.
    For setting the wireless network following items are needed. Modem with broadband connection, wireless router and wireless network adapter. Most commonly used broadband connections are Digital subscriber line and cable. Generally broadband connection are given by telephone companies. Using the router internet can be connected in the personal computer without wire. Router is bridge between internet and network. Your Personal Computer must have adapter for wireless network. To confirm whether your personal computer is having adapter for wireless network or not go to START button --->DEVICE MANAGER--->NETWORK ADAPTER. If it is there you will find Wireless after expanding the NETWORK ADAPTER.
    You should always set up security password for the computer you are using. For setting security password proceed as follows-
    Select START button---->NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER---->SET UP NETWORK---->SET UP NEW NETWORK--->NEXT---. Select your password using numbers and letters.
    For better signal strength and performance router must be placed somewhere in the center of house.

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    What I strongly feel that unless and until you wont have a modem or the WiFi router connected to the computer, you cannot enjoy the internet from your cell phones too. Previously I was having internet only to the computer without WiFi connection and my children were forcing me to have a router through that they can also have the uninterrupted internet by using my computer password. Thus with the installation of the WiFi now my computer is catering to the needs of every one in my family and as soon as they enter the house, the signals get activated and they start receiving the messages.
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    you query is incomplete please mention connection you using to access net and your wifi brand name, because different wifi have different type of settings. Any way I will tell you the general way of connecting the wifi to your computer.
    1) Connect your internet connection cord i,e for example if your using BSNL connection then the telephone wire which is connected to net and is having a jack at the end should be connected to the WAN jack point in the wifi device.
    2) Connect the adapter to the adapter point for switching on the wifi.
    3) Now take a RJ 45 LAN cable, take the length as much you require, i,e from your wifi to system. Both the ends should have jack. Now connect on end to wifi and the other end to the system network card.
    4) Switch on your computer the system will automatically detect the settings or else in network icon you have to create manually. Step by step information will be provided.
    Then later on in search type cmd-->ipconfig and in default gate way find out your IP address and type it in your browser bar. Now your wifi settings page is open. Here you can change your admin name and password. Even you can set a name and password to your wifi in wifi settings. But in security always select WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode. Now your wifi is fully secured. Restart your system after the settings and even restart you cellphone.The entire place is now secured to access net to those who are having wifi password.

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    I assume your computers operating system is WIndows. Do note that by default the PC takes the Wifi detection through it's Wifi port. It shows the new network which you have to setup.

    Follow the steps below.

    1. When you have Wifi enabled in your house it usually gets setup through the router itself or through PC.
    2. So you have to go to Settings > Network > New network.
    3. Make sure you connect to new router with the specific password.
    4. The default password is supposed to be changed.
    5. The router automatically redirects you for new password.
    6. Follow the process on browser and set new password and other settings.
    7. Save settings.
    8. Reboot your computer.

    And now your computer can access the new router. And you don't have to do anything from here onwards.

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    Wifi receiver are mostly available in all laptops. Earlier it used to be Bluetooth. Anyways you have enable Wifi through following steps in windows operating system computer or laptop.
    1. Click windows icon -> Go to Control panel -> change View by "Category" -> Click "View network status and tasks" in network and internet category.
    2. In new window on left pane click "Change Adapter Setting" It will show you various LAN and wireless connection icons.
    3. Right click "Wireless Network Connection" and click enable

    Now once you do that go back to desktop screen. In taskbar at right bottom near calendar there will be bars of wifi. Click on it and it will show you available wifi service providers names. Click one which you wanted. It will prompt you passcode. Enter passcode and you are connected to wifi.

    For better network stay close to service providers modem.
    There are dongle which helps to receive wife signals if you don't have inbuilt one. There are other various types of receivers which you can ask in computer accessories stores or order it online.
    All the best.

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    If you have personal computer or desktop system then first of all you need a wifi hardware to get attached to your computer as because old computers or desktop computers don't have inbuilt wifi hardware so until you wont get a wifi hardware to get connect to your computer you wont able to receive any wifi signal.

    After getting you wifi hardware connect it to your personal computer or desktop system and with that you will also get one small cd. Insert the cd into your desktop system and install the drivers inside that cd. after installing the drivers so will able to see the wifi signals around your desktop computer.

    In case of laptop, the wifi hardware is inbuilt and you have to install the drivers wifi drivers to get the wifi signals around you. to install the wifi drivers go into the official website of your computer brand and get the wifi drivers downloaded according to the brand and model number of your laptop and install the downloaded driver and you will able to get signals.

    If still you not able to get the wifi signals then try to search for on/off key in your laptop. something wifi key is off and wont able to get signals. turn your wifi on and you will get the wifi signals around you.

    Good Luck

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    How we got WI FI connection,I am sharing it for your knowledge.
    First we apply in BSNL office for getting connection.They send mechanics to install WIFI.
    They provided a modem ,modem is connected with wire to desk top.Its all are theirs work. There are many more company for these.You register yourself with them.

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    Windows 7 users are limited to access such internet connetion features. There are third party's software available on the internet for Win 7 but are advised only for advanced users.

    If your Operating System is Windows 7, there are only two preferences available.

    1. LAN (Local Area Network): Connect to network using Land Line DSL cable connection.
    2. Dongle/ Data Card: You can connect to network using these external hardware because they are already set-up for basic users and have pre-installed software.
    3. Uprade to Windows 8: You don't need to set up as it has in-build Wi-Fi features right in your desktop.

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