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    Query about creating a quiz application

    Want to create an online quiz application? Searching for the methodology? Check out this page for creating this application.

    I need to create one quiz application which can be either ready made software or any coding to prepare quiz. After completion and submission of the quiz the result needs to be be displayed .
    How to create on free quiz? For my preparation purpose can you provide step by step process??
    Note: I have questions & answers, I will insert that questions and answers ,I need free quiz software.
    Where to find the free software?
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    Its good you want to create quiz. But do you want to post it in net for viewers to participate or for your own personal quiz. Suppose if you want to create quiz in ISC then post a thread to webmaster he will guide or else to upload for any other site,there are many quiz creating software for eg: quizmaker, quizexpress and how to use it detail description is given in the site itself. If you want to know mush about quiz creating software then hit a search in google.

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    If you are looking for ready to use code, then your best option is to check sourceforge and Github. Because these are the sites that has the code on the site.

    If you choose to write the code on your own then you can make use of the following process.

    1. Have XML file with questions and answers.
    2. Have the correct answer in separate XML node.
    3. Read this file through the programming language of your choice.
    4. Let the radio buttons have option to choose the XML node.
    5. When the XML node is chosen based on the correct or incorrect option set the marks.
    6. Save the marks.

    This process can help you make the quiz application in any programming language. If you are not sure how to do this, it would be good idea to use the youtube for learning some of the time.

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