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    Which Unified Payment Interface(UPI) enabled banking app is best and secure?

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    I would like to know:
    Which Unified Payment Interface(UPI) app is best and secure to use?
    There are so many UPI apps in the market and all of them may not be equally secure. So, I want to use an UPI app which gives me best security features and also easy to use. Can I use any bank's UPI app and add my other bank account in that or not?
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  • As per UPI app you can use Paytm for most of all shopping stores but where as you bank transactions is concerned, you need to download your bank app means in which your bank account is followed for your transactions. Now almost all banks have their own apps. So just confirm with your bank app in your bank before downloading and installing it. The important point you need to keep in mind is regarding your account security and the process for every transcationbecause most of the apps are lack of security.

  • First see if your bank has the UPI app. Then go for it. If not you can use any other bank's UPI app. However ensure that your bank participates in the UPI system.
    So first contact your bank and get the details.
    UPI facility has been introduced only a few months back. It is yet to get stabilised and some banks are still out of it.
    However the present situation after currency withdrawal has propelled action in this direction. If you also take some prudent and cautious approach, complying the guidelines also, then these are generally safe only.

  • After demonetization announcement every bank is offering either the e wallet or the my wallet apps to its customer and that is supposed to be safe and secure. Our accounts are connected to our cell phone number and with every transaction done through UPI of your bank, you are receiving the alert message of having debited or credited and thus have total control of your bank account on your finger tops. Just now I read the news that our PM Modi has introduced one more simple app through which the thumb impression of the account holder is enough to make payment or receive. So India and Indians are slowly learning the process of doing cash less dealings and what is more interesting that rural area people are one step ahead of the urban people as they are being visited and being taught by the politicians, local leaders and even bankers at their door step.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Almost every private bank has it's own UPI app. Some of the govt banks however are yet to get into the UPI listing.

    Each bank has it's own UPI app. And it is not easy to choose the best among them. Also the features in between each one of them are the same. So it all comes down to what you want to choose. And how easy it is to use the app. For example phone pe seems to be the popular app that is gaining more downloads. It also allows the connection with other banks. And slowly this has increased the ease of use for the payment.

    Some of the apps that can be good to use for those who are new.

    1. PhonePe
    2. Kaypay from Kotak. It's simple and very easy to use.
    3. ICICI Pockets app

    These three app seems to be a good option for you to get UPI address.And they can be good for connecting to the other banks. The payments are very easy through this interface. and takes few minutes or instant transaction. compared to NEFT and RTGS, this can be much quicker.

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