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  • Study abroad for a BCA Indian student

    Wondering what a BCA student can study abroad? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I would like to introduce myself as a B.C.A. first year student of Jamia Hamdard University (Distance Learning). My query is:
    After completing my graduation, I aspire to pursue PostGrad. from some other country like USA, UK, or some European country. I would like to mention that apart from graduation, I am doing 3-year diploma in software-development from NIIT. Also pursuing, DOEACC O level from NIELIT<. Iam planning to pursue 'A' level later on.
    I chose Commerce without Math in my 10+2 level. I would also like to mention that I have not been good at biology, chemistry. and physics stuff but programming in several languages have always been something I am crazy about doing. I aspire to look for a career as a programmer/ software engineer.
    I would appreciate it if you could guide me for the further steps required to be taken by me in the regard about which universities suits best for me? What exams should I start preparing for? Which course should I be looking for? and which country would be best for this subject?

    Any help would be acknowledged.
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  • Good that your studying BCA. But as per query you can do MCA also through distance education. Suppose if your very keen in completing your MCA in abroad then you need to go for lot of procedure's and it may be time and cost consuming also. But if you complete your post graduation in India only, both will be saving. If you enroll yourself in distance learning you will get an opportunity to work in one organisation. so when you complete your Post graduation you will have two certificates that is post graduation and work experience certificate.Scope of job opportunities will be more to you than others. This my opinion.

  • If interested to go abroad, you need to go through the following points and see how far you fulfill the same.
    1) Since you are in the first year of BCA, please ensure that you should equally be comfortable with Mathematics apart from your sound concept in the programming - languages included in your syllabus such as Java, Visual basics, C++ etc. You have to realise that Mathematics would help you to understand the programming languages and without being proficient in the same, to be a good programmer would a distant dream.
    2) Develop the art of speaking English fluently so that you can represent the facts in a lucid way. The employers would examine how you interpret the related facts in a forceful manner.
    3) Choose a particular programme such as Java and acquire expertise so that the employer would not have any option but to select you.
    4) In case, you work in any Indian firm having linkage with USA, UK etc, probability of your joining abroad with your qualification and experience would be somewhat easy.
    5) You may contact foreign embassies to know the real prospects of the jobs in their countries. Such feed - back would curtail your time in making the relevant enquiries.

  • Thank you so much Sir for your guidance. I would like to mention that I am already doing specialisation in Java and am done with core java. After which, my next step is towards Android Development. So, by the end of my graduation, I will be done with Java specialisation. Moreover, I am planning to learn web development alongwith. Thank You for your response and clear guidance.

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