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    Will mistake in father's name in 12th mark sheet cause problems for govt job interview?

    Have a spelling correction in certificates? Worried if this will cause any issue in government job interview? Check out this page for resolution to your queries.

    Recently I have got qualified for RRB PO interview which I need to attend in January second week. I am facing a problem with my certificates: The father's name is wrongly spelt in all certificates except in SSC certificate.
    What can I do for those mistakes since my interview is only 15 days away?
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    This type of query is also answered in ask-expert section many times. But as per your query yes father's name mistake in certificates will create problem in future. So its better you change all your certificate in correct name. You need to contact the board and fill their form or write an application to change your father's name. When your submitting to change of father's name please give a attested copy of aadhar card or voter card of your father. But right now for your interview go to the notary and get a letter based on change of father's name from so to so. This you can use it temporary for your interview purpose. But tell them that you will get it changed within a couple of weeks.

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    Yes, it will create a serious problem in future in case of any legal procedure or job interview. As your interview is forthcoming, for this purpose you can carry all the documents where your father's name is correct; like the voter ID or Adhar Card of your father and also yourself in original and in photocopies.
    Another solution that you can do is to carry an affidavit done in court by your father declaring his name's correct spelling and also declaring that the two person's are same etc. You can consult a good lawyer for this purpose.
    In the meantime you can apply all these boards or concerned authorities for correction of your father's name in all your certificates. It may take some time, so apply it now for future. You can go there personally or contact them through the government helpline number.

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