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    Admission for BSc 2nd year electronics

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    I am a student of BSc Electronics 1st year in Kolhapur(Maharashtra). But I am not satisfied with my work or study and I want to change my college in 2nd year. Is it possible?
    What are the top colleges near my location for BSc Electronics or is it possible to get admission through your website?
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  • This type of query is answered many times in ask experts section, but any way as per your query I think your a regular student of BSc Electronics. But as far my knowledge is concerned you will not be able to change your collage in between the graduation. Most of the collage have a rule to complete the graduation in one collage that is from first year degree to final year degree. After your third year degree you can change your collage for post graduation. Where as online admission is concerned many universities have that option right now. But collages in your location may have or not. Mention you location preferred. But as per my suggestion its better you complete your degree in one collage. You do your work promptly, don't wait for positive response always. Satisfaction is in you.

  • I am sorry to have informed you that you may not get a chance to take admission in the second year Electronics in any university other than yours. There is a single option to change over the university and in that case, you have to enrol yourself for admission of first year of B.Sc in electronics provided you satisfy the admission criteria set by the admission - committee ie the minimum marks set for admission for this particular stream by the authorities and/ or you have to qualify the written test organised by the university and later a migration certificate and objection certificate would be needed for the fresh admission in the changed university. The net result would be that you would be loosing one academic year and that does not sound a practical approach at any cost.
    You need to be analytical in your approach and identify the areas where you are weak and the same are needed to be plucked. If required, take the help of your experienced professors of your college to alleviate your difficulties relating to your studies. Past questions set in each stage of B.Sc for at least six years should be solved and get the same evaluated by the esteemed professors in order ascertain your strength/ weakness. A slight change in your attitude would pave the way for your success in your ensuing examination.

  • College has zero help for your growth in the university level studies. So better focus on your studies on your own instead of relying on college and it's professor. Find all the help you can from the professors outside. And then focus on getting graduation completed. The issue with changing college is that it adds no benefit in terms of your own growth. We feel that teachers and college makes difference in growth but these days that does not seem to be the case. You have to work on your own.

    You're in kolhapur, and any college under shivaji university has pretty much same level of professors. So their knowledge and their contribution towards your growth can be neglected. You may want to focus on the studies and your own grades. At the end of graduation when you are looking forward towards the job, it does not matter if you're graduated from any college or university. Degree matters at the end. So focus on getting your grades up. Find out how examination and getting high score works in that university.

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