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    Should I skip the final exam this year?

    Confused about appearing in the final or board examination? Read the answers given by the experts here.

    Sir I am a class 12 science student. I passed hslc exam in 2015 with 76%. I got letter in three sub[science, mathematics and English now I am confused whether I give my final exam of class 12 because I did not study well in this year but now i regret it. Now I do not want to give the exam and I will try in next year. My confidence is at the highest level that I will do my best in the next year. Sir is this my good decision or not? if I will sit on this year it is sure that my result will not very good but I guarantee that I will pass with 60%. Sir please help me what will I do....
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  • Leaving the examination is not the solution of your problem. As you have scored 76% in 10th class examination, you can do well in intermediate also. Further you have mentioned that you got appreciation letter in Science, Mathematics and English subject. It means you are capable to do well in the examination. Leaving the board examination and dropping for one year will develop negativity in you. You will be looser in so many respect. I will give some tips to prepare well for board examination within short span of time. You have two months time in your hand to prepare for board examination.


    1. First of all develop a feeling that you can succeed.
    2. Prepare a time table for study and stick as per time table.
    3. Don't use smart phone. Keep yourself away from friends and relatives.
    4. Prepare a list of chapters and their weightage in board examination. Focus more on chapters with high weightage.
    5.Solve sample papers and while solving the sample papers maintain the timing as per board exam.
    6. Language papers increase your percentage of marks easily, don't ignore the language papers.
    7. Control your diet and food habit to keep yourself healthy.
    8. Study only text books and sample papers. Don't refer books from different writers. Keep minimum books in your bookshelf.
    Start you preparation today onwards. Be in touch with your subject teachers. As part of strategy study well, eat well, relax and perform soothing exercise to tone your muscle.

  • As per your query when your confident of getting 60% , then why don't you put more effort and try to get in distinction. Because percentage counts in getting higher graduation but at the time of job they just want to know your level of graduation and your effort to their organisation. So its better you don't quit your exam this year. how ever it may be write your exam. But till the end don't stop trying your level best for the exam. So quitting this year is not a good idea. If you quit this year then one full year you have wait to for further studies. Now at this age wasting your time and year is not a good idea. Don't bother about the result just write your exam.

  • thanks sir.... now i am doubtfree... I will study as you
    directed sir. thank you once again sir

  • As is evident from your marks secured in 10 th class to the extent of 76 percent indicates that you are above the average. Moreover, you had been recipient of distinction - degree in Science, Mathematics and English in the same examination. By combining these two factors together, I am of the impression that you can repeat such outstanding performance even in class 10+2 Board - examination.
    The most important factor to excel well in the examination is to come out of the negativity with which you are currently engrossed and you can change your mind frame by going through the life - history of the great men and in that way, you would be able to shed your existing negative emotions and would be charged with the positive ones'. The following points would help you in the preparation of the examination systematically.
    1) You must restrict to a few books for each subject for reference - purpose in order to avoid confusion.
    2) Sample - papers in each subjects for at least five years must be practiced to have clear grasp of the pattern of the examination. Assess the time of your completion of answers and see if you have completed the same within the scheduled time frame.
    3) It would be best to stick to NCERT text - books since all the relevant points have been incorporated in the same. Any doubt arising out of your studies should be sorted out with your teachers.
    4) Never compare yourself with others in respect of your preparation because such comparison may set in negativity.
    5) You must be consistent in your studies. Allocate sufficient time for revision.
    6) As far possible take nutritive diet and fruits such as Apples, Bananas, Dry fruits especially walnuts, cashews in a little quantity should be included in order to get healthy nutrient supplementation. A sound sleep for a minimum period of eight hours is essential to lessen your stress.

  • Dropping a class to do better is not at all good solution specially with the hope of gaining better marks next year as with every next generation coming compettiton level also enhanes and also exam patern which will again affect your studies.
    As you have said you can still score above 60% even though you haven't prepared. So You should give your exams and try to do smart study rather than focusing on only hardwork. Try to utilize all the time you have left in best possible way revising and finishing whatever has left in your sallybus.
    And after class 12 try to study for better future opportunity and admission in a good college.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • Discontinuing the studies citing reasons for not prepared to face final exams is not a excuse at all for a student. Being a student it is the express duty to get ready for the exam and there is no question of skipping. By the way no one is perfect in this world study wise and only thing that they try hard prior to exams. Since you have already studied the previous classes and know very well the portions out to be taught this time and probably not attended the class regularly, you can also try to study at home at leisure hours and prepare for the exam. If you discontinue or skip the exam means, you are loosing one full academic year for no reasons.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Skipping the exam will only change the time it takes for you to face the thing that you fear. You can skip absolutely if you don't want fail remark. But make sure when you attempt the exam, you are fully prepared. Make sure you understand what it takes to clear the exam. Find out what are some of the things that are needed to complete the exam. And this should point you to the path for clearing the exam.

    At the end if you are not comfortable giving the exam. it is better to not sit for the exam. That should give you an idea of how to prepare for the exam.

  • I feel you are more worried than the actual issue. I am sure it is possible for you to score very good grade even if you start studying from now itself. That is because you are sure of 60% even with your own feeling that you did not study well this year.

    You say that your"confidence is at the highest level ", then why not use that confidence for this year itself? That is your asset and capital. Add to it your hard work and sincere efforts. Success will surely follow.

    One year can make much difference sometimes. Hence do not skip exam this year.
    Put your efforts to the best from now on at least. Have your confidence level. You will sure come out with good grades. Then you will feel happy and may tell yourself " Thank God, I did not skip an year".

    Best Wishes.

  • I think you are more stressed on your exams than preparing for it. And fear of exams is common nowadays among the students and its better to get prepared to face your worst demons than running away from it. You say that your confidence is at the most elevated amount ", then why not utilize that certainty during the current year itself? That is on the grounds that you are certain of 60% even with your own particular feeling that you didn't concentrate well this year.

    Even if you are gone skip your exams that will be shown as fail in your academic mark list, which will not help you as in most cases in future there will be questions why there was break in your education after passing HSLC. While applying for higher educations and jobs this will taken into account.

    Success wont come by skipping the task, it comes only by trying. in your case its exam. Put your 100 % effort in preparation and all the best for you to do well.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

  • Hi,
    As per my suggestion do not skip your exam. As you have done well in your 10th why you were so worried. A gap in your educational career can create a little bit of problem in your future as you may have face the question in the interviews in future asking the reasons for it. So, give your best effort to your study.
    First prepare a time table about what to study and for how long. think about your strength and weakness; more effort is needed in the subjects you are weak. and I must say in this context do not neglect the language papers. The most important one is when you sit for your study just switch off your mobile phone as it will distract your study.
    Do not waste your time in such kind of negative thinking. Try to give exams in your home on mock question papers with in time and if possible check your paper from a teacher. It will help you to realize your improvement. Best wishes for your exam.

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