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    How to recover WiFi password?

    Find out how to recover your WIFI password here.

    My mobile is connected with my broad-band connection through WiFi.
    But now, I forgot the password.
    If I do the "Forget Password" inadvertently, I would be in blank and I can not connect the other mobiles also without password.

    I have BSNL broad band connection.
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    You only have two options:

    1. If you have no knowledge of computer/networking, then call your service provider and they will come to your house to reset the password.

    2. If you have knowledge of computers and networks and know the URL and admin password of your WIFI router, then you need to connect your PC/laptop to the router directly using network cable.The cable might be provided to you by the service provider. Once the connection is done, in the browser type the URL of the router, this will open a page and ask for admin password (if you don't know this password, ask from your service provider, it is generally set to a default value). Once on the webpage, explore the site and various tabs eg "Networking", "Setup" etc. There will be an option somewhere to set the password for WIFI connection, you can reset your password there. It may be possible to see the old password also.


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    If you do forget password then the other mobile phones which is connected through that wi fi will loose connection. Its better you change the password in the main page it self. Suppose if you have a system or laptop then find out the IP address by using these commands
    Start--> cmd[In search]--> ipconfig-->in default gate way check your IP address
    Then open your browser and enter you IP address in the browsing bar, your router page will be open. There enter your admin name and password. Once you have accessed that page then got to wifi settings and change your SSID name and key. Remember from that moment that will be your wifi password.
    After all the setting of wifi is finished then switch and switch the cell phone, now enter the new password which you had provided in wifi setting page.

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    If you have another tablet or mobile used connected to the WiFi router, then open that . In the WiFi connection option, locate the wifi connection, then click it and in the coming window click the option 'show password'. You may get the password.

    If that is not possible or successful, retrieve the brochure that came with your wifi router. There you may see the URL address of the wifi router site. the default password etc. If that also is not available, surf the net for that by connecting your desktop PC or laptop directly to the broadband/wifi by LAN cable. Each wifi router company will have a separate URL like 192.1.1 etc. Find out the site address for the brand company wifi you are using. Then by connecting to the site and logging in by the default password, you may go to the password options and give a new password. Keep that recorded somewhere safely for avoiding further similar loss.

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    Wifi network has the show password option. And some tools can do that for you, which can't be discussed here as it is security risk to talk about such tools. No router has the password recovery option. Unless you are hacking into wifi. There is no such option. However you can do the wifi password reset.

    Here are some of the ways you can handle this situation.

    1. Hard reset your Wifi password. You have to press the hard reset button router. This way you have to start from scratch when it comes to the wifi setting reset. This resets your password

    2. Reset from Dashboard. If you have access to the router dashboard. Then that can be a good option for resetting the password.

    3. Reset using the Windows interface. You can use the Wifi network management option in network settings. And this can help create the reset.

    These are some of the options that one can try when it comes to resetting the Wifi password. I have found that it is a good idea to reset through the hard reset first and then using dashboard to manage the reset password option. Do note that it may not allow you to recover.

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    Thanks all for your views. But after opening the router URL, there are so many options to go and I cant find anyone where the dialog box opened and asked me for login id and pass word.

    That is the main problem. Though the login id and password is known to me, I am unable to proceed futher.

    Kindly advise me for that particular site.

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