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    Why computer asks for disk checking and stops at 41 percent static ?

    Having a problem with disc check while booting your computer? Check out solutions to your query on this page.

    Every time I switch on the personal computer, I have to press F1 to bring the Windows to open its programs. But before that the computer would ask for the disk checking or skip within 10 seconds. Some times the computer itself opt for disc checking and the files would run up to 41 percent of total disk checking and stops. Now no indication is given whether the disc is being checked. Fed up with that delay I used to stop the disc checking and opt for discontinue. Why this is happening. Can any computer knowledge experts throw light on this ?
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  • Computer goes on disk check usually if there are some boot sector errors or the system shutdown erros occur. The system shutdown issues usually lead to disk checkup program. And this program checks the integrity of disk and the operating system. This way it tried to figure out if the operating system is normal. If not then it guides you accordingly. And if there are issues with hard disk then it tells you that too. So it all comes down to the type of error that you have.

    If the disk check up hangs at 41 percent, that means there are some CPU and Motherboard issues. Go and get it fixed from the hardware vendor. This way you can find out if this is disk issue or the Windows issue. Most likely this way you can get the problem fixed.

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