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    Is 'olden' a proper English word?

    Confused about the validity of the word 'olden'? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Nowadays, in Forum section, I notice abundant use of the word 'olden' in many posts and responses. Generally many Members use this to say 'olden days'. However, I feel that there is no such word ('olden') in English, It has been created by Indians to rhyme with the word 'golden'.

    I would like to know if 'olden' is a proper English word, or not. Or, is my opinion correct? Has this word been created to rhyme with 'golden'?

    I request Members to give factual information in this regard.
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  • Olden was very much in use even in the past times and in case you refer to the dictionary, you may find the applicability of such usage.
    In olden days or in the old time- the meaning of both being the same were frequently used. For example, In olden days, English - people were fascinated with horse- riding.
    While referring to the dictionary, we would find the use of this word frequently and as such we can say that the this word had its acceptance since olden days.
    Again if you have a passion for this word, you may use it in place of old days.

  • Olden: of or pertaining to the distant past or bygone times; ancient
    Example: I signed up to write my fifth book back in the olden days of 2006.

  • Olden is an English word. It was in use in medieval times. Olden is to exaggerate "old".
    English evolved from Nordic, Germanic,Latin and Sanskrit languages. "The" is denoted by adding -en at the end of the word. So "olden" is legit.
    Although olden isn't used much in modern English.

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  • I do agree with the author that some words used by us wont find acceptance in the English dictionary and that should not deter us to use those words. Please note that English language has been created to make good understanding of what we say to the people and it is only language which can be spoken and written adding the local flavor language. That is the reason being so people use this language widely even relegating their own language to behind. As long as the other person understands what we say, there is no wrong using the word olden while we are talking or writing.

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