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    Difference between experienced and fresher Java developer?

    Are you a Java fresher and searching for a job? Wondering how companies recruit Java developers? On this page you can check out responses to your queries.

    The question doesn't exist in Google hoping advice from true experienced Java developer.

    How this question arises in my mind:
    I had completed my BSc CS 3 years full time course(I'm 20 years old, no MCA or any certification done) and very interested to work as Java developer. I jumped into IT sector to find the position for fresher Java developer. What I noticed is that even if they want fresher they write in their requirement minimum 1 year of experience.
    I have hardly seen requirement for fresher(with additional knowledge on some domain I have no experience about) in career section (I visited more than 300 software company website's career page and applied and got shortlisted 100 companies). After applying some of them don't reply to my mail(well formed with cover letter and Resume). If they do reply then they are the type of the company who offer 1 or 2 years bond with 50K rupee deposit(If I had even 40K I would have chosen MCA for PG).

    Coming to point:
    What is the big difference between fresher and experienced java developer? So that sitting at home while searching for job I can prepare to meet up little experience level. Then I can mention in Resume that I'm not ordinary fresher. It will be lot easier to crack interview.

    If fresher has specs like OOPs concept(Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism), String and array manipulation, RMI, JSP, Servlet, EJB and good at programming/coding, then what are the specs of experienced Java developer ?

    Do you think finding job is easier without any reference and experience?
    How life cycle of vacancy works? Like if there is vacancy then first of all company employers gives reference to their friends? If there is still vacancy then company contact consultancy and other institute with ready made trained freshers? Again If they still have vacancy then will they post job profile on job portal site?
    When I finally reach to interview from job portal I see there is queue of MCA fresher and Java certified freshers. And they hired better than me. End of vacancy.
    (I know not all company has that kind of vacancy life cycle)
    Do you have any solution for this problem and how to get job without experience and reference?
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  • A. Here's something about IT industry that you should know about fresher and experienced perosn.

    1. People who get employed are not necessarily means they are better than freshers. I know many who are having experience 5 to 10 years, but they don't know how to clear their system cache and disk cleanup. They don't know how to edit the registry and they have around 5-10 years of Java experience.

    2. Getting employed and increasing number of years in experience on resume matters a lot. You get questions asked based on that level. Also your level of confidence increases inside company.

    3. Freshers after 1 year are called unemployed if they don't get any jobs. And don't expect IT industry to fairly judge a person's capacity once that 1 year passes.

    B. Experience java developers are asked the questions based on the projects they have handled. The code in general and the inside out of the application they helped develop. In case of freshers they will be asked basic fundamentals.

    C. Finding the job is easier with reference. Without reference, you can forget about the job unless you are female and have some good track record in academics. Preference in technical interview is given to the skills. Preference in HR interview is given based on the reference. Consultancy play the role in between for the job.

    D. Jobs are allotted in such way that each year, they look for increment someone and giving open position to the new junior position.

    E. Start finding the job in startups or places where they pay low or 0 salary. Do the work and get 1 year of experience. And then start applying for jobs in MNC. This method if failed it is better to get job in other domains.

    This should clear you idea about the IT industry in general.

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