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    What could you do if you are at my position?

    Confused about programming career after doing Commerce? On this page experts shall provide you with guidance.

    I am an ISC student. Recently I have qualified ICSE.
    My main confusion is that I know Java, C++ and HTML programming. I had decided to do BCA then MCA and last PhD since I had applied for Commerce. Therefore is my aim right or wrong?
    Can you guide regarding what I should do?
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    Almas Khan when you have already decided to pursue the Commerce stream after having qualified ICSE , please stick to that as there are good opportunities waiting to be grabbed. There are every chance of becoming a Chartered Account, or a Company Secretary, or you can even try your hand for Civil Services, and there are other lucrative high profile various branches of military service, the ever promising banking, also the investment banking, not forgetting the communications, visual arts, computer applications, travel and tourism, teaching, economics. All these can be possible and there is no dearth for wants.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As you have a concrete plan, it is better to follow that plan systematically and put sincere efforts. You may be able to take a review after completing each course of study based on your performance and situations prevailing at that time. If later there comes some better alternative, you may choose that.

    After graduation, you may have more choices and more awareness that will help you to make any suitable and needed amendments in your present plan.

    The important point is to put your best efforts in any course that you had taken and come with good grades and knowledge.

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    I would suggest go with your heart, but before saying that so. I feel you have already have more knowledge related to the programming rather than the commerce. If you do possess all the accounting knowledge and commerce related skills then you need tthink which you are more comfortable and if not so. I would strongly advice to take on the one which you have learned so far. And if you have real passion no matter even its very new that you will learn it. so I will leave up to you. Would suggest to enjoy the moment and have fun with your life.

    As these are early stage to take on PhD, I would advise to take one step at a time, not in the sense like not to have a plan. Your plan sounds cool, and to achieve that its way long to go. You have put your best efforts to make it happen and I wish you achieve your goal whatever it may be. All the best.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    I would like to clarify that perusal of a course is the I dependant choice of an aspirant and once it is finalised, stick to the same. In your case, you have opted for commerce stream and hence full concentration at this moment is needed to secure outstanding marks in the final graduation examination.
    It appears to be a primitive stage to to pin point any career Which you would like after your graduation. However, one thing is sure passing out your graduation in commerce with high marks would lift your mood - an essential ingredient to start the new course with an optimistic note.
    You have indicated some languages such as HTML, Java etc and in fact, choosing any one of the languages for which you have the passion would be appropriate. But above all, I would recommend to have a graduation - degree first - in your case, BCA since you have a passion for it. Once you enter the same, make a further planning. Such selection of choice of the courses would be the practical step. One more advice, once you choose a course/ stream, stick to it. There is no wrong/ right with respect to selection of the choice of the course, the most important being your passion and dedication for a particular course.

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    You are in a serious problem which is not only your's, as it can happen to any body. If you seriously want to build your career in IT field you need to learn programming language well. For that a science background is somehow preferred, as sometimes the logic behind the programming are related to mathematics. So it is easier then to learn programming language if you are from a science background. But now you have opted for Commerce where is also a great scope in IT field also. Along with your studies you can learn Tally or any financial accounting related course side by side. It will help you in future to have a job in relevant field.

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    If you are from commerce background with interest in IT then you don't have to go for IT to pursue your interest. You able to pursue your interest by sticking in your field only. In today world, in every field there is requirement of computers and technology. so search for the possible options related to IT in your area only like tally software etc.

    But if you want to go for programming then get the real knowledge of programming and in few days you will able to know weather programming will be your future or not. with this experiment you will come to know that are you really able to grab the deep programming procedures or not. you will come to know the career and competition in this field and after that if you feel that yes you wanna be a programmer then go for it and build your skills in the end the top IT industries only see your skills not your degree but if you see that you can do programming but you not able to go for profession in it so don't leave your commerce field as there are hell lot of opportunities in commerce also and with extra computer skills in commerce also give lots of opportunities.

    Try to think for suitable path according to your strength and weakness and then go to pursue your area of interest.

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    Master in Computer Application (MCA) is a good choice since you already pursued Commerce and quite conversant with the usage of C++ and Java.

    One must learn programming languages after you have completed commerce because this course are proffessional and accountants, book keeping and records are already included.

    Programming languages have high scope. You can develop applications, operating system, craft your creativity and make your ideas come to lives.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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