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    Searching for a good career option

    Confused about your career? Are you appearing for a lot of examinations but not getting selected in any? Know from our experts as to how you should proceed.

    I am a graduate in Electrical and Electronics branch(2015 batch). I scored 69% in 10th, 63% in 12th, 75% in BE. In college I got a chance to sit in TCS. I cleared it's written but wasn't able to crack the technical interview. After that 2-3 companies also came and I got placed in 2 companies but those weren't IT companies so I didn't join it. Again there was a open campus of TCS at India level ,when i was in 8th semester in that i went till HR interview and was very sure that I'll make it this time. But when the result came after a month I was jolted because I was out. After graduation I made up my mind to prepare for banking exam looking at the opening in banking sector at that time. So I started preparing for banking exams but I only got 3-4 months and bank exam came. Hence I was not able to do well. Then in December TCS open campus was conducted but as I was disheartened and at that time was getting engaged. So did not go for written test. Later I came to know that many of my college mates got selected. I regret my not going. Once again I got interview call from Cognizant through AMCAT exam but I didn't go due to family problem. Then after wasting 3-4 months at home I started preparing for banking exam. But was not able to crack any because this time cutoff was high and the pattern of the exam had also changed. Competition is very high now in banking exam 2016. Now I am very confused whether to continue with banking(Because I can't wait for next year as competition will be huge and as my gap is also increasing) or do C-DAC for gaining some knowledge in software and then getting job in IT. Is there any other option available for getting a job soon?
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    There is no such easy option to get a job quickly else everyone would be doing a job. Since you have gone through so much failures, you tend to be depressed and disheartened. The problem I feel after reading your whole question is that you are only focusing on IT companies. Why only IT? You are from Electronics branch, then why you are only looking in IT? I know due to easy jobs and high pay people run to IT but there are many options which you can explore.

    1. Banking Sector: As you said, you prepared for banking sector. It is a very good option and you should really go for it. This jobs gives you good salary and stability. Yes you need to crack exams and there is a huge competition but the exams are not so tough for a student of engineering to crack. You have enough mathematical and logical skills to crack the exam but please prepare with concentration. Read past papers and practice. 3-4 months are enough to prepare and crack bank exam.

    2. Lecturer: You can easily get job in a good engineering college and take up the job of a lecturer or professor. This will pay you good, also give you enough time to prepare for your other exams.

    3. Government Jobs: These are considered the best jobs in India and for an electronics engineer there is a good scope to learn in these jobs like ISRO , BARC, DRDO etc. The competition is going to be very high and they have tough selection procedure but with good preparation you can pass through easily.

    4. PSUs: PSUs like ONGC, IOCL are also good for you but again you need to prepare well for the exams.

    Other quick entry but not permanent and high paying options are JRF/SRF in a research organization like CISR, ISRO, project assistants in universities, posts in CDAC etc

    You need to first concentrate and prepare with focus. It seems that you are simply rushing from one point to another. Please calm down, don't compare yourself with others and focus on one thing at a time. Prepare well for the exams. Good luck.


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    After doing an Engineering course everyone has a big question posed - where to apply. There are various exams as already elaborated above and due to high competition one is not sure to get through.
    Now one has to first see one's strength - the area where one can compete. Everyone can not compete everywhere in this world. One has to consider the liking and inclination towards a job. Some like teaching others like hard core engineering work in a factory or industrial unit.
    Once we can identify an area where if selected we will have job satisfaction and contentment we can focus our preparations for that.
    Jobs can always be switched in future as is the practice in private sector.
    Aspiring for big jobs and ignoring the mediocre may not be a good policy for the beginners. There are plenty of examples where people started with smaller jobs and after a few switches became CEO of companies.
    Wish you all success.

    Knowledge is power.

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