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    Confused about about getting married to a Hindu girl?

    Confused about the religion of a child born of a Hindu Christian wedlock? Clarify your confusion on this page.

    If the father is a Christian and mother is a Hindu: then is the kid supposed to follow Christianity or Hinduism? Or is it mandatory to mention religion/caste on the child's application forms when he/she grows up?
    Can you resolve this puzzle?
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    It is a personal matter decided by the husband and wife how they bring up their child, still, there are many pressures and unwritten laws to follow in practical life.
    From the many incdents reported in the media or heard in personal conversations, I had inferred that the Chrisitian Church and faith will be more interested to conduct the marriage under Christian faith and customs. In the same way the child also will be baptised as a Christian. Then it naturally follows what will be the faith of the child.
    If the geography and society around has more pressure from Hindu people, then the marriage may be conducted as per Hindu rites and the child also may be brought up as Hindu. It also depends on the pressure and influence that can be wielded parents are relatives of ether side.
    It may need a good will power and conviction for both spouse to be independent of pressures and bring up the child as a real human being without according any religion.

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    Faith or religion of child is in india usually followed by religion of father. But in inter religion marriage the child will have choice to file petition for religion change when he is adult. You can be Hindu if one of you parent is Hindu and you have followed Hinduism culture while growing up. Equal rules for other religion. But at the birth certificate his father's religion will be put. Parent can educate child for his choice of faith when he/she grew up.
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    If the marriage is registered under Special Marriages Act, then there is no need for conversion of any one of the partners. In that case, the couple can decide in which faith they would want to raise their child/children. In liberal countries, the children make their own choice about their religion once they reach adulthood.

    However, in India, generally children are considered to be the followers of their fathers' faith (by default).

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    Well I would suggest...don't let interfere anyone between you and your partner..this is absolutely depending on you and your partner, Just listen to your heart and the memories you have spent together...have faith on God, Jesus, allah or bhagwan!! And have a wonderful life together...

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    You may give concept of both religions to the child.
    It is nothing wrong celebrating all the festivals of Christian religion and Hindu religion together.
    In bringing up a child you should make it clear that you may attend prayer in church or worship in temple,or both places. Both religions are equally important .But if the child is bringing up in India it should be preferable to follow Hindu Beliefs and customs.It is nothing wrong in accepting wife's religion.

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    Generally in India the system followed is the caste and religion of the child is that of father. So if father is Hindu automatically the children will be of Hindu religion. However there is no binding on this. When Hindu is marrying a muslim, either of them can change their religion and automatically their children belongs to that religion only.

    In the present day environment caste and religion are not important for day to day life. They are important for getting reservations and benefits. For jobs and education only they ask caste certificate.

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    You have raised a very pertinent question. Although, in our patriarchal society, the answer to this is very clear. If someone is Christian or Muslim or Hindu or no matter what , the child of that person will be by default included in that religion, if the person is a male. If we are talking about a female who is either Christian or Muslim or Hindu, then her child will be the bearer of her religion, only if, she is married to some male member of the society sharing the same religious identity as of her.
    If you raise the question that whether caste or religion is important in a child's application form, then the answer is yes. It is important for school/ college admission, admission to vocational schools, application forms for voter identification cards, ration cards or even passports. So as you can see that there is no legal document where you can skip the religion part. The answer to the question, whether this caste identity is important for the child to grow up as a good and rational human being and a society contributor is a big 'NO'.
    But the tragedy is that although our society has become modern and today we have 'others' category in the gender section, we could not eradicate the caste option in the application forms.
    But the good thing is that the private sectors are great pioneers in this regard. In private sectors mostly the application forms include only those information that are necessary to get the job. Neither they have reserved quota for any section of the society, nor are they interested in what religion you belong to. So you can be of any caste, but you will have to secure a job by virtue of your talent not your caste or religious identity.

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