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    Whether's is an genuine ecommerce site that can be trusted.

    Wondering if Rolex watched available on heavy discounts are genuine? On this page read the answers to your query.

    Is an authentic site as they give Rolex watches for for Rs.15000at 85% discount? whether these watches are original or copy? I have already booked one and am waiting for delivery. Rolex watches are expensive and how can this site give the watch for such a low price?
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  • Considering the price for which you are getting a Rolex watch seems to be a refurbished or an outdated model product. There are many online shopping websites that sell refurbished products. A popular online shopping website ebay is one of them. There is no wonder why they are selling such an expensive watch with huge discount. May be it is a refurbished or an outdated model. Authenticity of this site cannot be trusted because there are no reviews of this site or customer feedback anywhere. As you have already booked a watch from them so nothing can be done now but to wait. Once, you get the delivery of the product, you can cancel / return it if you find to be a fake / copy one.

  • One way to test the authenticity of a website is to see if it has http:// or https:// in its url. For an https site a green coloured box is there in the address bar of the browser on the left side. On clicking it you can see the site's certificate which identifies the site. The presence of https is shown as green in Mozilla browser and can be indicated in some other manner in other browsers.

    Https means that the site is supporting encryption and a valid certificate means that the site is authentic and validated by an authority. Thus, you can trustfully do your transactions there.

    For the site you mentioned, there is no such green box i.e. https usage there. Also the huge discounts seems fake. It is better to stay away from such sites. But since you have already booked, you will have to see what happens.


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