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    Confusion about what software course to learn

    Aspiring to learn software testing? Confused about which skills are required? Find suggestions from experts in response to your query.

    I have completed B Tech in 2015 in EEE stream. I want to learn testing tools like selenium automation. What are the courses which I need to learn? Some one say learn C language and Java. Then which course should I learn first? Is it mandatory to learn C language to learn java or not?
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    Learning C will help you in learning all sorts of languages. Programming languages have almost same type of constructs and same type of logic formation. Learning one language will clear your concepts regarding programming and this will help you in learning any language like Java, Python etc in future. So go ahead and learn C first as Java is more advanced language and you may face difficulties if you start from it first. It is not mandatory to learn C in order to learn Java but this will make your learning process easier. Starting from basic is always better than starting from advanced.

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    Software industry is very very huge and there has been a trend of specialization in this field. Before going ahead with any course it is better to analyze the possible main sub divisions in this ever expanding area.
    Learning computer languages ( like - C) or platforms (like - Unix) is alright because these will be used so many places and basic knowledge of them is mandatory.
    Some of the distinct sub areas under the vast field of software are - Computer and Network Security, Computer simulations, Games and entertainment, Advanced database, Financial accounting, Software design and application, Software testing etc.
    So after going through the details of these areas, which you can surf the net and find out, you can take a decision to go for some specialized course or short course so that your chances of getting selected in a particular area become bright.
    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Software development or programming is the dirtiest job ever. You need patience, focus, hardwork and passion to learn alive. There is no end to learning in this category. Knowing the pros and cons and in and out consumes enough time becoming your greatest feo as time.

    When one is newbie to programming, he should get started with C language. He will gradually get used to the basic of programmin. Java isn't easy to learn and code from the first place without learning the basic of C.

    If one is intrigued to learn programming, learn C, C# and Java. They have high scope in future.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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