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    Need to find the password saved in google chrome?

    confused where passwords can be retrieved in Google chrome? Find answers to your problem on this page.

    Usually I browse through google chrome. But last time while using SBI net banking,I changed my net banking password through chrome browser. It was saved in my chrome browser (Windows 7 OS). Now I have forgotten that password. While trying to login through other system , I came to know that I cannot remember the new password. But while logging in from my personal laptop (through which I changed to new password) it got saved in chrome browser. Now , how do I find that saved password of that website in the chrome browser? Can you guide me with step by step procedure to view that new password which is saved in chrome?
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    Here are some steps for getting the password.

    1. type chrome://settings in the address bar
    2. Go to manage passwords link.
    3. Go to Respective saved password and click on show.
    4. It'll ask you through checck your system password before accessing this data.
    5. Once you do that you can find the password.

    Make sure that you use encryption for this section. Otherwise your password will be visible to others with same access.

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    Its pretty easy to find the saved passwords in Google Chrome which are in bullet or asterix format. There are 2 ways to find it. The one way has already been told by Mahesh. Here is the other way how to do it if you know basic HTML and CSS. Here you will see that just by changing the value of something specific, your hidden password will be revealed.

    Now without wasting much time, here is how you can find your saved password in Google Chrome.

    1. Open SBI login page where the username and password is saved.
    2. Right Click on the password box and click on Inspect or Inspect Element
    3. Now you will notice the right quarter of your screen filled with codes.
    4. Now look for < input type ="password" field
    5. Replace the word "password" with text by double clicking on it and hit Enter.
    6. And Voila! Your password will then will be revealed.
    7. Its just simple is that. But remember not to ever save passwords when you are using public computers.

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