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    How much can a content writer earn in India and internationally?

    Want to know the salary of a content writer? Get a general idea of earnings from content writing jobs in India and abroad from this Ask Expert page.

    There are a lot of people who take up freelance content writing work as a career. I would like to know what is the minimum and the maximum salary that a content writer gets in India as well as outside India?
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    The content writer earning in India or internationally is all depend on ability of the content writer, the task and the project he or she is accepted and executed on-time in a professional manner. There are content writers who earn four digits Indian money every day by just spending few hours and drafting the content as per the requirement of the client / bid.

    There are some content writers who have a team and assign them works based on individual skills within team to execute the project in a right manner. However, this is though looks promising part time job whether some earn huge or not but this profession can't be assure about the permanent project / task requirement by the client to stable the career or revenue. This field may grow more than expected as well though there are toughest competitions around at this moment.

    Some content writers just write and publish simple article and earn one or two digits money out of it.

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    In India, content writing is turning out to be a good job. If you are good at jotting down linkbait titles and headlines for content, then that could earn you some good money. Some jobs at Aptana may start from 22K for the freshers. And the seniors are going to pay around 70K or more. Depending on editing or the proofreading for content writing. It's hard to land your first job in India though.

    Content writer in International website earn around 200$ per 1000 or more words. Depending on the site that is hiring you. If the content is legal and financial then the rate are increased upto 500$ or more per assignment. Most of the assignment costs are upto 1000$. If anyone is paying the money for ghost writer then the amount goes upto 20,000$. Banking, legal and healthcare industry require content writer and the starting salary for them is from 700$ onwards. Most of the international jobs can be acquired through freelancing sites like freelancer and guru.

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    Content writer doesn't have any fixed salary it always depends on the work and the amount of time you spend. Usually content writers will be assigned a set of pages for approx 3000 Rs. This is fixed for the entire assigned work. But to get the work you need to pay them some amount as deposit. Suppose if you don't complete the work in their given time then your deposit amount will never be refunded.
    There are some freelancer writer's also even there a fixed salary is not given. In freelancing you need to have lot of experience to gain a handsome amount. Instead I prefer you to write articles and publish it through google adsense or ISC.

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    By the way content writing is not the cup of the tea for many as it takes guts, courage and also the ability to write the contents to the understanding level of the readers or the net users. Some people who claim to be content writers do come up with stale topics and provide the body contents with unnecessary information which forces the net users to shy away from the page. What is the use of such content writing when the contents are not read in full and understood. Here what I mean that length of the matter does not matter, but one must be precise and capture the heart and mind of the reader while writing content and thus good content writers have instant fans on the internet and they would never miss the contents wrote by him. Even in social media those who comments nicely with sense are regarded and there is no place for those just like your postings. So writing contents meaningful makes difference and the earnings also commensurate with that.
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    You can not see a fixed amount of money earned by freelancers. The income potential varies and depends on a lot of things. It also depends on the fact that you are writing for Indian or International websites. International websites pay you more but they Seek sound writing skills and expertise in the respective fields. With ethe help of ndian forums one can earn somewhere ranging around 10k by giving a fair amount of time and labour. With the help of International forums, one can earn More than 30k too. For earning more thre is a need of specialization in a particular field such as Travel and tourism, Halthcare, finance is must as some of the online work providers seek writers with some specialization. Apart from working online, one can earn a fair amount of cash by writing own Blogs and linking them with Google Adsense.

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