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    What if I choose Web developer position instead Java developer?

    Wondering if Web Developer is better than Java Developer? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I'm a fresher and want to work as Java developer but problem is my academic theoretical knowledge is not enough in IT industry. I want to do certifications and join professional training and gain practical knowledge by working on projects But I don't have time to do these things that I must done in earlier days after graduation, I think it's late(6 months gone searching and interviewing for Java jobs) not too late but late. Being hired as Web developer is much easier for me but not as Java developer.
    What I want to ask you is if I worked for 6 or 12 months as a web developer (during these days I will prepare for Java everyday at least an hour a day or some minutes and do certifications like OCJP SE1-SE2, Spring and hibernate. And also I might complete some Java project by my own)
    So after 6 or 12 months resigning the Web developer job can I enter into Java developer job?
    By doing 6 or 12 months on Web technologies is I'm still a fresher for Java jobs?
    Can I crack interview ?will they hire me as a Java developer?
    Will I have to face any difficulty even if I have great knowledge on Java?
    Please advise if you know something that I'm lacking. Any advice will be appreciated.
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    I think you should get strong with your web developer job while you hunt for the java position.

    The way IT industry works, Unless you have active experience with one specific skill, you'd be called fresher in another. For example if you have experience with Spring and Hibernate then switching to Android makes you fresher in Android job and vice versa. So you get the idea. No matter how much experience you have in web development let's say switching to android means you are fresher.

    Your capacity to crack the interview depends on your skills. You have to learn the ways to do just that. Take help from others who have managed to crack the java interview. You'd then apply those hacks to crack the interview be it technical or HR.

    I suggest either creating your own projects and growing them or you can join some open source projects. Use the experience gained in it to help your resume. This way you can easily increase your credentials. And this way you can get into the development job in java too. You have to find out such projects or create one if required.

    Join javaranch and other good java forums. This way you can learn a lot of things. You can learn to present your java skills to others. And this in turn helps in interviews as well.

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    As per your query it seems that your are very confused. First decide in which you wish to have your career in web developing or as a java developer . Because both the profession have scope. Web developer is more about web designing and java developing is more about programming language. Any profession you take interest and do you will have success in it.

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    Getting a job of choice is not an easy task and will not happen instantaneously. You may have to work in areas you are not interested in before you get the work of your interest. Therefore, all sorts of skills are required and will help a lot in your professional life. Since you have interest in Java, don't think that you will in future get projects only in Java, nowadays languages like python are getting popular, so make up your mind first to learn all sorts of languages and focus on developing skills like solving problems, optimized programming etc.

    Web development is a very popular and in demand field as of now as all kinds of tasks are now getting over internet with cloud based services, so this field is very important and may pay you highly.

    I would suggest you to keep preparing for your certifications but in the mean time take up a job. Your experience will help you in getting good jobs in future. It does not matter if you had not worked in Java in past, your current employer will like to test your capability and also your certifications will speak for themselves.

    So go ahead, learn all sorts of languages and develop skills for your best future.


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    First I will advice you to stick on a particular job. The very first thing that you have to do is deciding yourself in what field you want to work for. Nowaday there is also a great scope for the web developer position. Why you are not sticking to this job. I will suggest you to do Java Certifications from any good organisation along with job in web designing. You must realize what is your field of interest. WEB development is a designing job where as java gives you a programing job. When you apply for a Java job you will be treated as fresher and the employer will test your practical knowledge. So, don't worry so much. Best of Luck.

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    With reference to your query, I can say that you're interested to invest your time for both continue working as a Web Designer and also intrigued to learn Java. It's a very good mind-blowing brilliant idea. However, time is your greatest enemy.

    It says everything is possible. On the contrary, you should stick with your current proffession. Since you're good at web designing, you should keep learning Java. Practicing 1 hour regularly for 6-12 months isn't enough. Try to give 4 hours daily to accellarate your practical skills along with understanding and learning. One can also Approach a friend or colleagues that are Java developer.

    Have faith and nothin' will be impossible.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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