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    When you will be called as professional photographer?

    Have a query about becoming a professional photographer? Find advice to your query on this page.

    Nowadays everyone of us uses the digital camera , cell phone camera , DSLR to take photos.
    If you keep DSLR in hand then people curiously asks if you are professional ? Some people think with good photos and learning you have become pro now. But most us keep it limited to hobby. Question is when you will be called as a professional photographer? If you do freelancing photography then still you are professional? or do you have to treat photography as source of earning to become professional?
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  • What I strongly feel that one need to have greater insight to capture the moments of the life and that is succeeded then you are definitely a professional photographer. For example I have seen some photographers covering the functions and marriages, they wont ask the people to grab the attention and then click photo, instead they shall take the photo in such a angle and at such a timing that a cherish-able moment would come into forth in the image taken. In Telugu marriages the most important moment is the Talambralu and the knotting of Thali. A professional photographer would take such a stance and click the moment in such a way that it must look lively after the click has been done. Even the rice particles being fell on the head with so many colors can be captured in professional way. So every one can be professional photographer provided he is alert enough and ready to capture the moment unmindful of the character being watched.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Being professional is about in your presentation.

    Professional skills include -

    1. Ability to talk to customers.
    2. Ability to deliver customer project in the manner which is termed as professional.
    3. Ability to ask for money.
    4. Ability to improve the quality of photographs taken and processed for final output.

    The difference between the non professional hobbyist and professional is in their attitude to be consistent with quality. While hobbyist can deliver the quality but the ability to be consistent for profession requires effort.

    Photography is a profession and one needs to be treat it as a business. You have to ask for what your photograph is worth. learn from other in your profession and understand how much is cost of your effort. Always keep an eye on the price. Freelancers or salaried photographers both don't pay attention to this point. No matter what's your stage know the value you are putting forward.

  • Photography can be taken as hobby or can be taken as professional. But if you want take it as a hobby you will learn slowly about photography but if you take it as professional and want to earn money from that then you need to learn a lot and must complete some animation course which are very useful now days.

  • To be called as a professional photographer first you have to decide your career path as a full time photographer and once you started to get good earning and started working in the industry with your clients then as per in sight of your client of course you will be called as a professional photographer and once you share your portfolio with the world you be stated counted as a professional photographer and because of your portfolio and client relationships you will be marketed as a professional photograph in the industry.

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