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    Teaching jobs in school for BE graduate

    Wondering if an engineer get a school job? Find answers to your query on this page.

    I am living in Chennai. I am a BE computer science graduate. I was working as a lecturer in Polytechnic college. Afterwards I started my business. But now I want to start my teaching professional in school sector. I came to know that there is an opportunity for BE graduates in School sector. Could you please tell me: Is this true? If yes: what is the procedure that I have to follow?
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  • It is possible for you to start your own school or you can start taking tuition to kids. However teaching kids in government or the private institution would be harder. The reason being Engineering degree, medical degree are not eligible for generic teaching job. It requires BEd with experience of 1 year to apply for the government and private sector teaching job.

    Your best option in such case is to try building the teaching institute, hire other teachers and make it bigger. This way you don't have to be part of the official school grant. However as the tutoring is allowed for those who have the respective degrees. So that can be one option for you.

  • Hello mahesh,
    "It requires BEd with experience of 1 year to apply for the government and private sector teaching job. "
    i cant understand this point

  • A friend of mine who did a BE in electronics and telecommunication is a school principal today and is quite satisfied with his job. Whenever I speak to him he seems excited about his new experiments with studies of his students. He has shown me how he improved the school results over the years in terms of academics as well as extra curricular activities.
    Since you are a BE with computer science , I believe you have wonderful skills to impart to students. Programming skills have become important and are considered the need of the hour in a life style full of of APPs. I remember a NOIDA high school student built an APP last year which went on to become a valuable APP for daily local passengers when ODD-EVEN scheme was launched in Delhi.
    Now coming to the issue of qualification for teaching, I find it ridiculous to think of a basic qualification for teaching. Suppose you start a coaching centre for preparation of exams like JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCED, NEET, AIMS etc. Assuming that in the very first year of your launch you have produced a result wherein many students have got through these exams. Tell me who cares whether you are a BE or whether you have a BEd?
    I think it all depends on the quality that you will produce year after year. I refer to an example again and again. So one more time I quote the same. I request you to learn from the success story of Anand Kumar of Patna who runs his SUPER 30 for preparation of IIT JEE.

  • Yes you can teach in school level. I think this is more convincing and satisfaction job . For teaching in school level you should have BE d level degree. But in the present degree also you can apply for school's if there is call for computer teachers. As you already have experience in teaching you will be appointed for temporary and then you will have permanent appointment.

  • Hi gsadhiks,
    Wonderful reply you have given. As a BE graduate I applied in school sector in Chennai, but I don't know. They didn't call me.

  • Dear friend, unfortunately as a B.E degree-holder, you can't work in a school as a teacher. The reasons are indicated below:-

    (a) To teach in a school, you have to obtain a B.Ed degree.
    (b) For taking admission in B.Ed, you must study a 'teaching subject' upto Graduation level.
    (c) As a student of B.E, it can be safely assumed that you have not studied any 'teaching subject' upto Graduation level.

    If you are genuinely interested in teaching, I would suggest you to join a reputed coaching institute in your city as a teacher and prepare student for variousEngineering Entrance Examinations. I can assure you that it has become a very lucrative profession in India. I have seen many teachers are earning more than a crore (annually) preparing students for various Entrance Examinations.

    You can give it a serious try.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    First ,you join a coaching classes and develop teaching skills.After than you join a Public School.Public school sees the talent of candidate.After working there two years you may get a teaching certificate.This certificate help you doing B.ed from IGNOU. Public Schools publish vacancies in local newspaper.

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