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    Which course will give job stability?

    Looking out for a suitable course to get a government job? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Presently I am doing a hostel warden's job. My education is BEd and I have tried a lot for the Govt. job but did not get it. Which course will get me a permanent Govt. job? I am BEd LLB and now want to do BLIS or DNHE from IGNOU and apply for the Govt job. Can you help me to choose right path? my age is getting above to prepare more or to do m.ed or any other course i want to do BLIS becoz now a days librarian vacancy are coming in high requirement..i was having pcb in twelfth and Now i am having only 4 years to become over age,i don't want to take any risk now please suggest?
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    As is evident from your qualification - possession of B.Ed degree suggests that you may move to the profession of a teacher in a high school since the minimum qualification for entry to high school teacher is a graduation in any of streams -Arts, Science and Commerce with a minimum 50 percent marks followed by B. Ed degree with a minimum aggregate of 55 percent. Since you have not indicated the stream with which you have acquired your graduation, I cannot specify your prospects as being a teacher in a high school.
    You may start your career in a private high school and gain an experience for a year and in the mean time, make an attempt to clear the Teachers Eligibility Test conducted by the state - government so that after clearance of the same, you may be eligible for a teacher in a government high school at a later stage.
    Any qualification earned through IGNOU would not be bad by considering the dual advantages with the acquisition of such qualifications - firstly it is a recognised university pioneer in imparting distance education and secondly you need be a regular student of any institute thereby saving your time which otherwise you could have spared to acquire the same through a regular mode.

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    Don't wait for govt job only be satisfied with the job you get. Your degree is enough to teach in school level. Always have confidence in you. Try to apply for unaided schools, achieve your best there and then try to go in for M. Ed degree which will help you better in getting more job offer's. I personally feel that you start applying for school based on your subject.

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    Rather than libraries you may focus on getting job in schools as teacher. There continuing as teacher, you can use your experience as hostel warden, if it is a residential school or school having hostel facilities. Please do not rely only on getting govt job. Try that also along with trying in some good private schools also. If the govt job comes good. Otherwise join some established private institutions.

    I won't suggest taking BLIS now as a full time study, because schools have more opening than in library jobs. But you may do it as online course or part time study to enhance knowledge and chance for any job coming.

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    Why you are so worried? You currently have a Bed degree which is enough to get a teaching job in a school. So, do not wait for only govt. job. Look for private jobs also. Now a day there are so many reputed private schools in India which has higher pay package, some time same as govt. salary. You can look for vacancy in Army schools, KV s etc. which has a lucrative salary and other facilities too. There are so many reputed CBSE schools in India, you can also try for them.
    And for the BLIS and other course that you are asking about, you can do them in distance mode along with your job. There is no problem to study while doing a job nowaday. Try to follow the newspapers to keep an eye on the CTET advertisement. Try to sit for this exam and prepare yourself from now. Best of Luck for your career.

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    Your B.Ed. degree will be valuable for you in getting a teachers job. Now the question is whether a Govt or private job.
    Frankly speaking there is a tremendous rush for Govt jobs because of good pay and stability. The competition is also very high for selection. However it depends on number of vacancies also.
    In your case to start with you can try teaching job in some private school and once experienced enough you can switch to a better paying school.

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    I have read the question carefully. You have not mentioned your age. If you have not crossed the maximum age-limit for Government job, you may try to get a Government job after adequate preparation of at least six months to one year. However, you have to bear in mind that the pattern of question of every Government job is different. So, you have to chose beforehand which type of Government job you are interested and prepare accordingly. As you have a B.Ed. degree, I think you would prefer the job of school teacher. You have to remain alert and check the advertisements regularly.
    If you have crossed the age-limit, even then there is no cause of despair. With the spread of eucation, private schools are being established even in smaller towns. You can get job of teacher in private schools also. The selection procedure in these cases is not so stringent.
    Best of luck!

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