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    Query about caste of a child if father belongs to upper caste and mother from OBC?

    Query about the caste of the child in case of inter caste marriage? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    Nowadays there are a of inter caste marriages happening. Supreme Court law for SC and ST backward caste inter caste marriage: caste of a child is decided by the circumstances in which he grew up would be the choice of the religion. Now what if the child's mother or father belongs to OBC,NT castes? These are not upper caste and have considerable freedom in education and government jobs reservation. So what is the caste of child if father belongs to upper caste and mother from Other backward caste or vice-versa?
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  • If a child's parent are inter caste that father's upper caste and mother's lower caste or vice versa always the caste of the child belong to what father's caste only. When a women get's married her caste change is husband's caste, similarly the child's caste will be father's only. Where as education is considered it will go with the capacity of the child not with the reservation.
    Even if the parents of same caste also there are different gothra's and a gothra of a girl changes when she get's married. Her gothra will be same as the husband gothra. So your child'd caste will be of your husband's only.

  • As per the law the child inherits the religion of the father. Child could be male or female. They inherit the religion of father. Unless the child explicitly gets the mothers surname in an event of divorce or single mother situation. In such case the child gets mothers religion. As the caste system is on the basis of the religion, it gets followed as per the fathers surname. So the father being in upper caste, the child too gets the upper caste.

  • Hi,
    According to the present law in India irrespective of religion a child caste is determined by his/her father's caste. If a father is from higher caste and the mother is from a lower caste or vice versa what ever be the situation a childs caste is determined by his father's caste only.

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  • A really interesting question! Generally the children acquire the caste of father. However, there may be some circumstances, where exception is allowed. In such case when the children of an upper-caste father and scheduled caste/tribe mother are brought up in the family of mother, such children may apply for scheduled caste/tribe certificate, clearly indicating their particular circumstances.

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  • In the intercaste marriage, the caste is different in husband and wife. According to law, the caste of a child depends on father's caste. If father's caste is higher, then caste of the child is also higher. If father's caste is lower, then caste of the child is also lower. But in case of divorce case or single mother , the caste of a child depends on mother's caste.

  • When there is an inter caste marriage the child born is to follow the lower caste, whether it is father or mother. If the father is a Brahmin and mother non- Brahmin the child will be non- Brahmin. If the father is non-Brahmin and mother a Brahmin still the child will be non-Brahmin. This is what is generally followed in Kerala. Exceptions will be there.


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