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    PhD from deemed or private universitiy

    Have a query about doing PhD from a deemed or private university? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am keen to pursue my PhD in Management. What if I get selected for deemed or private university, shall i accept it? My target is to teach in universities in Gulf countries after my PhD. Will they accept PhD from deemed or private university?
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    Before admission in PhD, please check whether the University (Central, State, Private or Deemed) is appproved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), or not. For this purpose, it is not sufficient to check the website/prospectus of the University, you are required to check the website of UGC (

    Some countries (especially the Gulf countries) accept Indian degrees. So, if you complete your PhD from a UGC-recognised University (it is immaterial whether it is Private or Deemed), generally it would be accepted in Gulf countries. However, for definite information regarding acceptability of the degree, you have to check with the Department of Education of that particular country (where you are planning to work).

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    Ph D is always you do from deemed university as your willing to teach in gulf countries it's better you get Ph D award from a deemed university. Management is of course a good subject you have selected but in management which specialization your interested that is also very important. Most important is the guide you select because some times Ph D degree prolongs due to guide inefficiency also. I don't no from which place your but Karnataka University, Dharwad is the best for your Ph D degree.
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    if you dont mind can i get ur email id Sir partha kansa banik

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    As per my knowledge Gulf countries accept Indian degrees. so, don't worry and do your further studies. But check it in UGC website, that the deemed or private university is affiliated by UGC or not. if the course is not affiliated by UGC then it would not be a valid degree, so check it first.
    As you have choose management as a subject it has a good prospect. If you got deemed university I will personally advise you to go for it rather than private university.

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