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    How to cure outside ear skin infection permanently

    Searching for a remedy to cure ear infection? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I was suffering ear infection from the pasrt 2 months. So I tried to apply zalim lotion to the ear infection. Now it has become black due to zalim lotion. I am also suffering from ringworms.
    Will zalim lotion works properly?
    How to cure that please help me?
    It's very bad to show my friends.
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    Two months self medication is negligence. You should consult a qualified doctor immediately.
    The doctor may give you suitable medicine with which you may get cured within a few days also. He will do needful after examining. In the meanwhile keep the place clean and dry and hygienic. Avoid severe rubbing and scratching. Avoid touching other parts or others by the hand or cloth that touched the infected ear. Who knows,it may be infectious also.

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    I think you should avoid doing the self medication. You should instead get some consultation from the doctor. This way you won't have to worry about the infection. The ear infection seems to have increased. And the self medication that you are taking. Its not much helping. And in such case taking the medication seems to be the only way for you and that too with doctors consultations. Zalim lotion seems to be not the solution for your condition it seems. So understand the signs and avoid such self medication.

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    It would be better on your part to have a consultation with skin specialist. He may prescribe blood test at the initial stage to ascertain the severity of the disease. Maybe he would like to have a X- Ray report so that he can understand the progression of the disease. After evaluating your blood report and X- Ray, he would prescribe you antibiotics with a suitable potency and also duration of administration of such antibiotics is to be decided by him.
    Hence instead of self medication, you must follow the advice suggested by the specialist. In that way, there will be curtailment of time in respect of treatment and also the progression of disease as a result of wrong treatment can be arrested.
    There are a lot of products like Zalim - lotion in the market and by seeing such advertisements innocent patients are entrapped loosing both money and inviting unnecessary health issues. You must take a prudent approach.

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    First and foremost, immediately stop self-medication. Don't insert anything in your ear (for example: garlic) or don't apply any lotion on your own. It may cause more harm than good.
    Visit an ENT specialist immediately, and act strictly according to his advice.
    Don't go for any other 'desi' medicine at this stage.
    Last but not the least, don't follow the advice of any other person except a qualified ENT specialist.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    These cases are very delicate to be cared and one must refer immediately to the ENT Specialist doctor for perfect solution and cure. Don't apply any medication by yourself as it can become worse in due period of time. The ENT Specialist will examine your infection carefully and then will suggest you some cream and medicines. The cream is anti-fungal in nature and must be used for 1 month at least to remove that fungal infection completely. Don't apply any kind of Zalim lotion or unnecessary cream.
    With regards,
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