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    A question regarding my career.

    Are you a diploma in computer engineering? Want guidance to which bachelor's course to chose after a computer diploma? Know it from our experts.

    I am in the last year of my diploma in computer engineering. So my question to experts is as to what is the course to do after diploma. Which is better to do, B Tech or BCA? Please help me as I have to decide it and I am a bit depressed. Also do suggest as to which course will help in getting a better package.
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  • I would suggest the editor to shift this question to the ask experts section so that Mihir could get the right advise and clear his doubts for his future educational pursuit.

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  • Logically it is preferential to get into B. tech or BE. The reason being in terms of placement and the after graduation, the degree has more weight. And your educational qualification stands on lot stronger ground. I think this is one reason many people are leaning to be on engineering degree. BCA can be good if you choose to do MCA later. Either one of the degree is going to land you into computer and IT industry.

    If you don't get chosen in either. Then make sure to continue education, while pursuing the interest in computers. If possible do internship and work. This way you can get into the IT industry. And this can be a good option for managing your career.

  • Don't be depressed over such a small thing. After your diploma it is best for you to join B.Tech in a good university. This will open a wide number of opportunities for you in future. Engineering degree can help you in getting all sorts of high paying jobs from teacher, lecturer to private and government jobs. All depends on your hard work and capability.

    Doing BCA/MCA is also a good option but not as good as B.Tech, you will need to do MBA after it to get good jobs and higher posts.


  • I would suggest you to pursue B.Tech course in Computer Engineering after completion of your diploma. My recommendation is based on the following factors-
    1) B.Tech in Computer Engineering takes four year in its completion for an aspirant having passed 10+2, but in your case, you would save one year by virtue of having possessed the diploma in Computer - engineering.
    2) Persuasion of B.Tech in Computer Engineering from an established institute would enhance your job prospects in the upcoming time.
    3) You will have strong fundamentals in the different languages such as Java, Oracle, C++, SAP etc and you will remain in demand for the same reason.
    Now let us discuss the prospects of BCA course. In your case, you would be offered the admission in second year of BCA meaning there by it would take five year full time for the completion of BCA followed by MCA. Acquisition of MCA would be essential so that your degree is treated at par with a degree in Engineering. In the former case, you have to study merely three year in order to get a degree in Engineering. Thus saving time is an important consideration by opting to B.Tech degree.

  • Please don't get depressed and if you are interested to make your career in computers then you should got for B tech as because it seems to have more weight-age and importance as compared to BCA but in the end what matters is your skills so while completing your B tech try to work on computer skills because what industry needs is skills and your skills will tends you to the package. In short, package will depend upon your skills equivalent to the projects running inside the company and degree is just a entrance as you can say B tech is the good degree entrance than BCA. All the best for your career.

  • Hi Mihir,
    As you are a diploma in computer engineering, then a B Tech degree will be a wise selection for you. BTech is a 4 year degree but you can save 1 year. as you have done a diploma in computers you can get a lateral entry in the 2nd yr of this course. moreover you do not need to sit for an entrance exam in BTech so it also saves your effort too.
    according to the second part of your question BTech has more weightage than BCA or other degree courses in the relevant field. So, you must go for a BTech. Choose a good college, check its placement records and get admitted. Best Wishes for your future.

  • Do not think anything other than doing Bachelor in Engineering ( BE) or Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech.)
    B.Tech. is available in limited colleges. You hardly have 3 more years since you will get direct second year admission. Target good college which has campus placements. On the other hand since you already have diploma degree , start preparing and attempting civil services examination. There are lot of posts gets filled in Government jobs for diploma degree. Promotions in jobs are based on your achievements and education. You can try in private IT companies too but it's challenging since already lot of BE students are jobless and trying.
    If you have abroad aspirations then only way is to do degree and get job in good IT company. Or study MS ( Master of Science) abroad which is costly. All the best.

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