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    Is building Shivaji statue by Maharashtra Government justified?

    Wondering about the need for building Shivaji statue by Maharashtra Government? Find responses from experts on this page.

    The State Government of Maharashtra has initiated a project to build a giant statue of Maharaja Shivaji on the Arabian Sea at a proposed cost of Rs. 3600 crores. Many people are opposing this proposal stating this is wastage of resource. On the other hand, many people are supporting this project stating that this statue would make people aware of their true heritage and the place would become a tourist spot.

    Which view is correct? Is the cost associated with the project justified? Members may kindly answer.
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  • I am fully supporting the proposal and initiation of building a awesome and biggest statue of Shivaji Maharaj in the Arabian sea and that would be the fitting tribute to the great Maratha warrior who is the epitome of winning in every heart of Maharastrian. When NTR mooted the idea of having a Lord Buddha statue in the center of Gibraltar rock at Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad he did invite lots of flak and with faulty planning the statue was plunged into Hussain Sagar while it was installing and after so many months it was retrieved and again put on the right pedestal. Now it is the great attraction for the every tourist visit Hyderabad. Likewise after the statue was fully built and erected in Arabian sea, the place would certainly become the International attention and the visitors to Mumbai would double or triple in the days to come . Therefore some expenses are required to bring name and fame.

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  • Maharashtra is the land where Marathas ruled for centuries. To pay tribute to them, a significant statue must be established. As, Vivekanand statue is located in Kanyakumari, Buddha statue in Hyderabad, Sardar Patel statue about to be established near Vadodra, so in same way building of Shivaji statue is totally justified to be built. It will not only pay respect to the ruler but also it will become a source of attraction for many visitors.

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  • I don't see Greek and Europeans making claims that making monuments and stuff is bad for country. Those countries are in poverty level in Europeans standards. Technically in debt of rest of the world from whom they are taking money. People from our own nation are going to going in such place to see those monuments. Funny the same set of people don't object the birthday banners or politicians. Problem with liberal people is that they are denying this on ideology basis. It seems that they don't want to support such things. In reality they are neither contributing in terms of taxes and other ways either. But they think that opposing any decision from conservative means they are always right.

  • Money might not be justified for this monument setup. They might extend budget also because ultimately this is one source of income for political parties. All these are taxpayers money. While said that there is emotions attached to this. In Maharashtra , from Shivaji king to Peshwa's , all of them have great history but there is no center of attraction to get all tourist in one place. Like in foreign countries private owners have created theme parks or statue parks like State of liberty in New York. Some places it is private too. We need to create these kind of attractions considering preserving our history for future generations. So unwillingly cost is justified.

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