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    Is affiliate marketing a good source of earning?

    Wondering whether affiliate marketing is a viable source of income? Check out the views & suggestions on affiliate marketing in this Ask Expert page.

    In your opinion, is affiliate marketing a good source to earn money online? What are it's pros and cons from your point of view? Suggest those companies which give good revenue for being their affiliate.
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    Affiliate marketing is one of the tough ways to make money. Many people who try to spam, create articles only for affiliate links end up wasting time and efforts.

    Only people who have success with the affiliate marketing are the one who have good blogs, and have persona. For example any person who gives advice on personal finance or some tips. And have established some visitors. This is the type of person who is likely to have some conversions in terms of revenue. Most of the others who try to create micro niche sites and have thin sites content. They are not going to make good money. However if you have some spare time and domain name then it's worth investing time there.

    I have found that some of the programs related to personal finance have good revenue. So you may want to try those type of affiliate companies and programs. So reviewing the credit card and insurance policy. Those products can be good for you to promote through affiliate marketing. Shareasale, CJ and Policybazar has some good rates for conversion. So do take a look at that.

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    If one thinks of affiliate marketing, there are much scopes and even wider benefits provided the right connection gets in. Now a days there is nothing like starting a pre-school or play school which is the stepping stone for the future classes for the children. In the metros the young couples who has children are finding difficult to rear them and thus takes the help of these play schools which are also a day time creche for the children and thus twin benefit of taking care and imparting education is done. Some school chains are offering the franchise to affiliate with them and that could be the wise investment.
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    Of course affiliate marketing gives author better chances of earning but for better performances and good earning considering affiliate marketing one has to generate good amount of traffic in their respective blog or website because with less amount of traffic there are almost zero chances to earn from affiliate network but if website able to build good amount of traffic, author will be able to get good amount of earning because with one only user converted into customer, author will able to get around 6-13% of commission depends on type of affiliate network. Also there are many sources and types of affiliations available in the market which gives different ratios of commission and benefits.

    Some of the good affiliate providers are commission junction, flip-kart, amazon and also there are many third party affiliates. so first try to generate as much as traffic to website and get good amount of earning from different sources of affiliation. In the end, content is king. Try to provide quality content to your website to get good amount of visitors and indirectly get earning from affiliation.

    Please don't depend on only one affiliate network but try out for different sources of affiliate earning which gives you better chances to manage your earnings. All the best.

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    Affiliate marketing is a tough strategy which is olny recommended to elite and probloggers. If you are already a part of any revenue sharing program, then you should stick with that because affiliate marketing will effect your earnings unless it's a direct promotional products.
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