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    How do mudras that we make in our palm in yoga work ?

    Looking out for information about working of palm mudras? Check out responses from experts on this here.

    How mudras that we do in yoga works.
    Is it real? Will any energy created while we do specific mudras? Which mudra is best to remove negative energy from the body?
    I have heard of ksepana mudra. Other than this mudra is there any other mudra to remove negative energies from the body?
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    Mudras are often part of a yoga class.Mudras are the gestures mostly in meditation or in pranayama practice to direct the flow of energy within the body by using the hands.Different areas of the hands are connected with areas in the body and the brain. So when we place our hands in yoga mudras, we stimulate different areas of the brain and create a specific energy circuit in the body.Yes it is real.Yes energy is created while we do specific mudras.

    Mudras with the help of Palm are :-
    >> The Gyana mudra increases concentration, creativity, and is a gesture of knowledge. Keep your palms facing upwards when feeling receptive or rest your palm on your leg

    >> Dhayana mudra provides calming energy for meditation and is used for deep contemplation and reflection. To do this, place your hands on your lap, left palm under, palms facing up, and the tips of the thumbs touching.

    >> Anjali mudra in this bring palms together in front of the heart space symbolizes honor and respect toward yourself and toward the universe. This mudra expresses love and gratitude.

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