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    Best webhosting site to create photography website?

    Interested in creating a photography website? Find web hosting sites here which can be used such websites here.

    For photographer it is essential to create his own site to publish his work. There are lot of requirements for site so that photographer can make sure his photographs are not available for download and can be easily flashed on site. Which is best webhosting site to create photography website?
    I have already attempted Google, Weebly which don't offer apps or features of slides. I am looking for site which slideshows photographs and I don't need to embed any external links on my site from outside for it.
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  • If you initially don't want to pay for hosting then following website can be of help.

    1. Tumblr : It allows you to create photography blog. And here you can post the images. And this increases your reach to the customers. It also helps you get some clients too.

    2. Flickr : Another site for posting the photo. And they have both paid and free plan. you can host upto 1GB images for free on the flickr. Lot of other photographers and the buyers there.

    3. Stock photography websites : Sites such as dreamtime, corbis, shutterstock etc can be used for the uploading the site. I have found out that they can earn you some good money.

    Few other websites for hosting where you have to pay for the hosting.

    1. Hawkhost : This is a good website for hosting your initial hosted photography site. The plan starts from 2$ per month for hosting website.

    2. Bluehost : This is the hosting that is being recommended by many these days. And they have affordable plan for those who wish to host their website on photography.

    3. Liquidweb : Another webhost that hosts the content for some specific fee. It can be good for the photography or any other high traffic website.

    Do note that if you want good website with performance, you have to pay for it.

  • Bluehost is one of the most recommended webhosting service provider worldwide with 99.9% uptime.

    For hosting photos, it is highly recommend to install along with Juice Box Plugin (Premium) after you bought a domain and hosting service.

    With Juice box, you can upload photns, add caption, floating photo information and professional slide show banner available in different shades, colors, and designs.

    Alternatively, you can install Wordpress and install premium photography templates that has all the solution and meet your requirements on the go.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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