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    Which type of plants can be brought up in a terrace ?

    Planning to take up terrace gardening? Looking out for how to do so? Find advice from experts here.

    I am very much interested in gardening. But I have no space to make small garden in front or near to my house.
    Which type of plants can we grow into our terrace? Will it
    cause any problem to our house. What if the roots will enter into the building? Can you name some plants which are also easily available for terrace gardening?
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    There are two ways for you to create a terrace garden –

    Container Garden

    Container gardening is simpler, relatively inexpensive, as well as safe, in the sense that it will not pose danger to the building. This method requires the use of containers. The ideal size of containers would depend on what you are planting; however, it must be large enough to allow plants to spread their roots and foliage. The rule of the thumb is that containers must be made of a porous material, such as cement or terracotta and have a drain hole at the base. Ceramic and plastic containers look attractive but are not suitable for healthy plant growth

    Terrace Garden

    In this style, the terrace acts as a ground and the plants are grown in the soil laid on it. Terrace gardens require expert advice and technical support. The terrace is generally prepared for a terrace garden at the time of construction. It receives special treatment to make it water proof. Nonetheless, terrace gardens can be created on existing buildings also. A special kind of treatment is done to waterproof the floor. Then specially designed plastic sheets are placed on the terrace to ensure water does not seep through the soil. If you do this, there will be no damage to the building or to the space below the terrace. Once this is done, soil is spread on the plastic sheets and the garden created. Such type of garden though does well with plants that do not have large, spreading roots. Ornamental plants are ideal for terrace gardens.

    You can use your terrace for a kitchen garden and plant brinjal, tomatoes, chillies, beans, okra, lime, gourds, root vegetables and dwarf fruit trees like guava, orange and custard apple etc. Alternatively, you can use the terrace for an ornamental garden; have a gardener plant carpet grace. Place a few benches or garden furniture for seating. Add a few lights and you'll have a beautiful place to chill in the evenings and early mornings.

    Just ensure that your terrace receives ample sunlight and does not lie in the shade of an adjoining building. Remember to water and fertilize your plants and use pesticide as and when required.

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