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    Board Exam preparation tips 2017 for 12th class

    Appearing for Class 12 Board exams this year? Get the best tips on preparing for the exam right here.

    I will be appearing for 2017 Class 12 exam. Please give me some advice to prepare for the board exam of 12th class.
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    Board Exams of CBSE will kick-start from 9 March and onwards. As the dates are finally released, students must start their final preparation for the exams. Some of the suggestions that I would like to share are:
    • Solve at least previous 10 years question papers of each subject.
    • Set the weekly targets to reach your goal on time.
    • If you have enough time to study, then read NCERT books and make your own notes so that you can brush it up just before appearing in exams.
    • Ask your seniors or teachers wherever you find any difficulties in solving questions.
    • Take a break regularly during study hours. Don't study continuously more than 2 hours.
    • Meditation and Yoga is very necessary to develop concentration for students.

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    CBSE Board exams are starting from 9th march and ending on 29th April . Students should be more confident to take up the 12th board exams as this is a stepping stone for their higher education. This becomes as a qualification to get admissions in some colleges.

    I would say :
    -- Students should have confidence in themselves to score high in such Board exams . Confidence provides the strength to overcome any obstacle and always feel like you are definitely gone achieve the maximum marks as wished.
    -- Students should go over twice on the chapters, which they are not feeling comfortable .
    --And always the unit/monthly exams conducted in school should be taken seriously and prepared well, so that it will lessen the burden of reading as fresh and this gives more time to revise the chapters which are not fully covered.
    --After preparing well revise mostly twice/thrice to make sure that you will be able to answer any question in case the question was tricked.
    -- Students should know the important chapter which has maximum weightage of marks and should prepare those chapters first and get comfortable.
    --Even though you have not covered the entire syllabus and your time has run out, student should go ahead and leave those and start revising the already prepared chapters.
    -- Never try to cover the whole syllabus by leaving some topics, this will not help. In turn , it will give more stress and forgetting things in your final exam.
    --Take regular breaks to provide the required rest to the body and mind. In that mean time can indulge in sports, which will relieve your stress.
    --Don't discuss the answers of your questions or check back after the examination, that may result degrading your confidence and may increase your stress and fear for the next exam.

    All the best for you exams. Hope this helps!!

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    The dates for both class ten and twelve for the CBSE examination have been released and now they should be more focussed and sincere to their studies. I would recommend the following points for your betterment in the upcoming examination.
    1) Instead of resorting to a number of books in each subject, you must adhere to NCERT books and each and every points discussed therein is to be understood thoroughly so that no confusion arises on that account.
    2) Revision of all the chapters already read is a must. Maintain a separate diary where in you should record your difficulty - level being faced for a particular chapter and you should take an appropriate step to address the same.
    3) You should solve the previous question papers for at least ten years set for class twelve and see evaluate your performance by getting the same checked by your teachers. You must be familiar with the time - management skill. Supposing that total marks in a subject is 100, for securing one mark, you must not consume more than 1.5 minute and in that way, you' would be having 30 minutes for the revision of the answers already attempted. This formulae would help you in your final examination.
    4) In respect of Mathematics and Physics, in case you are a science - student, you should enlist all the formulaes in a separate diary and it must be revised time to time.
    5) Allocate adequate time to destress your self by engaging Yoga/ meditation for at least 45 minutes on daily basis.
    6) Pay sufficient attention to your diet by including fruits such as Apples, Papaya, Grapes, Mausmi etc. Also include dry fruits such as Cashews, Walnuts, Almond to supplement your body with enough antioxidants apart from regular intake of milk to the extent of 250 ml on regular basis.
    7) Maintain positivity by going through the life - history of great men like Vivekanand. Shivajee, Gandhijee etc so that you can wipe out your negative feelings.

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    First of all I wish you BEST OF LUCK, beacuse this is your peak of your future. Few tips I wish to give regarding the preparation to exams.
    1) As you already mentioned your studying in PUC II, Please frame a timetable, first check whether there is gap from one paper to other. If so then start studying from the last subject. Go reading in decreasing form.
    2) When your studying first solve the exercise at the end of each chapter.
    3) When you complete reading the syllabus of the subject then solve question paper's of previous years.
    4) when your solving a previous year question paper that time you start solving how you do in examination hall i,e complete the paper in the specified given time at the top. By doing this you will improve the speed and concentration and even come to know the pattern of the paper.
    5) Why Iam telling you to solve previous year question paper is because most of the board exam always refer previous year question paper.
    As you have not mentioned the subjects that you have taken. Any way good luck for your exam.

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    To what has already been advised by experts I want to add two more points:
    1. There are some preparatory books in the market (Like those of Arihant Publication) which provide you solution to previous year papers chapter-wise. So you can go through a chapter and then brush up yourself with the previous questions of that chapter.
    2. It is good to prepare pointer notes. When you have read a chapter thoroughly and understood all the intricate points, prepare very short notes wherein only a word or two will remind you the entire story behind a concept. Such notes are so short that entire chapter can finish on one page and yet the points refer to the main concepts and have the ability to make you recollect all of them. These notes are extremely helpful to revise the entire syllabus just before the exam and make you feel confident.

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    There are just a few more weeks to go, before the Boards. The countdown, as they say, has begun. By now you should have finished at least one set of revision, and have an idea of your weaknesses and strengths. I suggest you do the following:
    1. Devote more, number of hours grasping subjects and topics that you have trouble with
    2. Go through all the class tests that you have taken to identify topics that you have had trouble with – it could be remembering dates, if you are a history student or remembering formulas if you are a science/mathematics student
    3. Once you know what it is that you have a problem remembering or solving, start focusing on that bit
    4. Speak to your teachers and get their views on topics that you should give greater importance to
    5. If you have made notes go through them
    6. Revise quickly through the syllabus, one chapter at a time
    Apart from studying and revising you also need to do the following:
    1. Relax – this will help you work better and remember things better
    2. Eat– you need to have a balanced diet at this stage. Avoid junk food or foods high in carbs, as they will make you sluggish. E
    3. Hydrate – lots of water and juices should do the trick
    4. Rest – the brain and your body need rest. So, stop burning the midnight oil and get good sleep

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    The Board examination will start on the first week of March, 2017. You may take the following steps for the last few days:-

    (a) Go through the sample question papers. Try to find out the questions which are frequently asked or repeated. Prepare the answers. If you don't understand fully, rot it at the last moment.
    (b) Strengthen your strong areas. Revise the chapters which you have prepared well. Try not to miss any question from these chapters.
    (c) Systematically prepare other chapters: There may be some chapters which you have not fully understood. Don't try to understand these chapters at the last moment. Instead, try to learn the answers of questions from these chapters by heart, especially the short-answer type questions. In such cases, take the help of guide-books.
    (d) Don't get unduly tensed. You will get adequate questions for getting good marks. Value-based questions (i.e., tough questions) do not consist more than 10% of the paper.
    (e) Don't pay heed to various rumours spread through various social media (for example: rumours on tough question paper in a particular subject spread through Whatsapp friends' group, etc.)
    (f) Right the name and roll number in the answer-sheet very carefull.
    (g) Utilize the intial 15 minutes properly. Read the entire question paper thoroughly an identify the easiest questions to be attempted first. The initial 15 minutes sometime prove very crucial.
    (h) Pray to God for success.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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