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    Query about Cash Credit

    Have a query about how cash credits given in ISC? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have posted some AE answers and also got approved with cash and points but my cash credit section and points are still zero. So I visited the various pages of this website and found contribution tab in the profile but I am not able to see where the cash is added. So I am a little bit confused that what is the difference between cash credit and score board? Which one will grow when I submit my answers and get approved and which one will reflect as my payments and how my cash credit will grow?
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    As you said that your AE answer got approved but your credit section and points are still zero. This is because you have not clicked on the "Recalculate my points" and "Recalculate my earnings". When you will click on both the links, your cash credit and points will automatically be added.

    Cash Credit and Score Board are two different things. Cash Credit shows the earnings that you have accumulated while Score Board is a summary of your cash credit, points and gifts (if earned any) in different sections. Your cash credit and points both will grow simultaneously if your posts gets approved. You could see either cash credit or score board or view profile (awards and gifts) where your payment will be reflected.

    Your cash credit will grow only when you submit quality posts in different sections of ISC. Write valuable articles, participate in forum discussion an contests in ISC that are announced from time to time, Write answers in AE section, submit new school and college posts, post new jobs, post question papers, etc. This way you could earn a good amount each month from ISC.

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