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    Destruction of illegal construction in govt. housing flats

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    I am living in some Govt housing flat in Punjab. We have done some illegal construction on our house and all the other houses have done the same. But our neighbour filed a report with the govt authority to destruct our illegal construction. But that neighbour has also done a lot of illegal construction in their house. But the officer of that authority orders the destruction of our property only. So what can I do to save this deconstruction?
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    Contact lawyer, you have get stay order first. Is it government scheme sold house to you? or Is it Government sponsored house for Government employees? You have right to expose all illegal work that has been done. You can file complaint through BDO. It is always right decision to do all work through law to be safe. If you want lawyer contact then search in indiastudychannel or post question , someone will surely send you contact details.
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    First and foremost thing to be done by you is to contact a lawyer and take up the matter to the appropriate Court praying for a Stay Order against demolition. During the hearing, your lawyer must point out illegal constructions in other flats including the flat of the complainant. For documentary evidence, you can submit photos of other flats (where illegal construction has been done) also.
    In the meantime, you should also lodge a complaint before the Housing Authority againt your neighbour regarding illegal construction in his/her flat. In the Court, you may also submit copy of your complaint also.
    However, to save yourself from harrassment, I would advise you to demolish the extension done by you without approval of the Housing Authority, on your own, to minimize damage (which may be caused by the Housing Authority during demolition) in future.

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