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    Single spelling mistake in SSLC marks card

    Have a spelling mistake in certificates? worried if it will create any problem on document verification? Find here the resolution to all your queries.

    My name is not matching in SSLC certificate with all other documents.
    Will this create a problem for me in govt and bank jobs during document verification? If so, what is the solution? If I do an affidavit for SSLC marks card then is it ok? If I do affidavit will it create any problem during document verification? Or should I apply for new marks card?
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  • I am assuming you are talking about Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC). Yes it might cause troubles for verification since there are many people with different spellings. You single change can be someone else name.
    It is better you apply for name change in certificate in university. In most university it is done with some amount of challan to submit. Be sure to carry cash. Most likely they will issue corrected certificate instead of duplicate since it is their mistake. They might ask you to give proof of actual documents. Please carry original documents like Rashan card, Driving license , Passport , Domicile or nationality certificates.
    If it emergency then you have to affidavit in court that the name on certificate and your name is for same person. But for that you will need university letter which states it is true. So ultimately you will have to contact university. Better contact notary or lawyer for understanding proof required to affidavit.
    Yes you should apply for new marks sheet asap. All the best.

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  • Hi Srinivas,
    Yes it would create problem as the name in your SSLC certificate is not matching with others. It is less time consuming than changing other certificates than you change SSLC. you can contact with appropriate authority with a written application, with xerox copy of your certificate clearly specifying that what it is now and what to be. if your interview is in coming days then you can do an affidavit for this purpose but for long term you need to get your certificate correct.

  • For the time being for a particular purpose if all other documents except SSC certificate are identical and only SSC certificate spelling mistake, then you may be able to solve it by a notarised affidavit declaring that the person whose name is spelt differently in the documents(s) is same as so-and-so. Some organisations may accept some standard formats instead with attestation needed from some designated officials or MLA, MP etc.

    However, if there is no urgency, then you may start approaching the concerned Board or authority office and know how it can be corrected.
    There also you may need to produce proof for your correct name. There also they may need affidavit. If that is possible better get the SSC name corrected so that all documents have identical spelling of your name.

    It is nowadays becoming very difficult ad any discrepancy of even a character or space is taken as big discrepancy and summarily rejected by many organisations. Things are now followed in 'letter' and not in 'spirit'. As the interface between the us is only machine, there is no platform for us to convince like we were doing early.

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