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    Future careers and jobs scope in Fashion Technology

    Planning to pursue a course in fashion technology? Get free guidance on its career opportunities and jobs scope.

    I want to know about future careers in fashion technology. Is it a good course to pursue, in the sense that whether there are job opportunities available in this field.
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    Fashion designing is one of the most sought after courses today among the youth, since fashion is something that changes every day and especially in today's world where everybody is fashion conscious and likes to keep themselves updated with the current trends.

    Some of the best fashion designing colleges are,

    Apeejay Institute of Design,
    National Institute of Design (NID),
    National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD),
    Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD),
    National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT),
    Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology (NIIFT),

  • Fashion Technology is a great field to pursue if your are really interested to do. There is a lot of scope in this area as because in today's world everything is fashionable. From clothes to cartoons. From bag to Bollywood. Everything is under fashion of something. Popular brands already operation in this technology are Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, Burberry etc. In you can see that fashion is all around us. In Bollywood, Everyday Fashion designer working for a best fashion outfit to come into market place. In Textile Industry, each and every cloth requires a fashion mark in the end before coming to market so that it makes audience or customer to buy best suited clothes for them.

    Course under Fashion Technology are:

    1. B.Sc. Fashion and Apparel Designing
    2. B.Sc. Fashion Design
    3. B.Sc. Fashion Designing (Hons)
    4. Bachelor of Design Fashion Communication
    5. Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design
    6. Bachelor of Fashion Business Management
    7. Bachelor of Fashion Design
    8. Bachelor of Fashion Retail Management etc.

    Job Opportunities Available in this field are:

    1. Fashion Designing
    2. Fashion Journalism
    3. Textile Designing
    4. Fashion Stylish
    5. Fashion Coordinators
    6. Fashion Photography etc.

    Industries Working on Fashion Technology:

    1. Bollywood
    2. Textile
    3. Media Printing
    4. Manufacturing Firms etc.

    Top Fashion Experts working on this industry are doing very well and having a stable career and if you are passionate about fashion technology then you also able to get good and stable career.

    Best of Luck.

  • Fashion technology seems to be in demand these days. Also there are plenty of fashion brands and product management companies coming out for the recruitment. Following fashion degrees are in demand as per the Times Ascent.

    1. Product design.
    2. Fashion journalism
    3. Fashion photography.
    4. Fashion production.

    There are many brands in fashion coming up with various types of jobs in this space. Though there is a lot of competition in this space. Apart from jobs, one can get into their own venture with boutique studio, startups and other external careers dependent on the fashion technology. There is also lot of scope for the overseas education and the recruitment.

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