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    Alerts are not coming whether ISC Artilcles and Answers are approved or not

    Have a query about approval process of articles and answers in ISC? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    I have submitted answers and article before 3 days and I am not able to get any alerts whether its approved or not. Minimum how many days it will take for an alert to come? I have submitted an article before 4 days and submitted answers in ask expert before 3 days.
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    If you have not got any alerts then it is likely that your articles and AE answers have yet not been reviewed by the editors. Its still only three days that you have submitted your articles and AE answers. Wait for some days so that your content gets reviewed. There is no such minimum time limit for the posts to be reviewed but they will be dealt with by the editors as soon as possible. Also, have a regular check at the mailbox registered with ISC. This is the place where you will get instant notification of your approval or modification required for your articles or AE answers, etc.

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    You get email notification when the answers are reviewed. In case of the article, the same rule applies. You get notification when it is approved. There re times when the answers or articles may get approved and you get credit. But sometimes notifications don't arrive in your inbox. And this is because of some mail sending delay. Or some other technical delay. If that is the case, you can contact to the website admin and get this issue sorted. I have noticed that sort of issue some of the time. But that could be due to server traffic. And it usually gets resolved on it's own. Otherwise the notification are going to be after specific time everyday.

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