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    Legal query for elegiblity in government jobs

    wondering if a person facing a sentence can join a government job? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    I have been selected for govt job. 3 years before I was forcefully arrested while taking lunch in a small restaurant. A gang of people sitting next to me were involved in some group exam paper leak. I gave police all the evidence that I was not with them but they linked me with them and challanned me. I was in prison for 2 months. This case is pending in the court. I tried to quash it but the real accused are not interested to reopen the case as they are goons. I am in great dilemma about what to do. Can you provide suggestions.
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  • I think this should not be a problem for most of the govt jobs where they don't do background checks. However some of the cases where they do background check. And even small FIR against you may end up as a denial in job for you. For that you need to get your name cleared from the police FIR accounts. If this situation doesn't seem to be panning out for you. Then the safe ways is to approach for the work in private sector where they don't do the background check. Build your profile there. And also get into side business and keep your income sources going on. This is one the safe side. As fake cases and such situational cases where innocent people suffer may affect the way people are getting the jobs.

  • Sad to know that you were trapped in a false case. But for government jobs they will check the back ground on particular post. Mention the govt job that your selected. Whether this selection as done before or after the case. Suppose if you have applied in navy or army etc for such post you police enquiry will be done. But to advice you more I need to no you govt job details for which you have selected or discuss with your lawyer, he may give you correct guidance.

  • As you have selected for a Government job, a form will be sent to your residence for filling up and for submission. There will be a column where details of criminal case, etc. is required to be furnished. I strongly advise you to give correct statement. Please don't give false statement. You may have some problem, but as far as I know, the job will not be denied to you because you have not been convicted.

    I again reiterate to fill-up the form truthfully and advise you not to pay any bribe to anybody. Some middle-men wait for such opportunity. As a Government Officer, I can tell you that as the case is pending, your employment won't be/can't be denied. You have not been finally convicted.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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