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    Where should I complaint for failed online transaction?

    Have you faced a failed transaction? Wondering where to complain? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    On 6th october 2016, I was trying to add money in Pocket app(by ICICI) and thje amount of Rs.1000 debited from my bank(UCO) account but transaction failed. I registered complain in pocket app.
    On 6th November 2016, they told me that the transaction was declined by issuer and to contact bank.
    Then I contacted my bank and they told me that the transaction was successful and they can't refund.
    Then I again contacted pocket app support and they are saying the same thing.
    I'm confused about where should I complaint and against whom?
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  • I think considering the app is owned by ICICI. You need to complain to the ICICI bank. You can go to the nearest bank branch. Make sure you have screenshot or some proof to show that your transaction failed. And also have some printed statement where you can show that transaction was not successful.

    Once confirmed, usually bank adds back the amount within the 15 to 20 days. I had similar issue happened with kotak. And in 20 days the amount was added back to my account. So you have to be patient during this time. And also have to keep some follow up with the bank. Otherwise often banks are not responsive in such cases.

  • As you said, You have proof of failed transaction so kindly refer this proof to your bank as transaction is done by banks only and after showing proof ask them that how many days it will take to get refund in your bank account. As according to your problem, the solution will be your bank only.

  • I already told you that I complained in pocket and bank. I'm asking is that any other place where I can complaint(like consumer court).

  • In that case you have to contact ombudsman that manages such issues for all the banks in India. You have to do some internet search for "ombudsman" in your region or state. And they are going to take the further action for you. They can make it easy for you to do formal complaint. Also they can be of help before you get into consumer court. Consumer court should be your last resort.

  • In any case they have to refund your amount. So lodge a complaint online and the bank that is associated. Its better you have a written complaint hard copy. Normally in other banks which we use if the transaction fails the amount is credited in our account within 24 hours. In your case the bank officials are very negligible in their work. Please go and ask once again with complaint if they say the same answer to you then mention that you will lodging a complaint in police station. Do this first and let me know what their upgraded answers.

  • Another way is to try different bank branch to complaint for refund. Sometimes one bank branch official might be ignorant and not helpful but not in all cases. Did you try meeting bank manager? Also please do write name and branch name of such bank , it will be helpful for other visitors to that bank.

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  • You complain head office of UCO bank mentioning account number and history of transition .They will take action and help you.The head office takes action in solving such types of problem.

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  • In your case both pocket app and Bank are not giving you a satisfactory answer. I have faced this type of problem twice. I will suggest you to please call consumer forum (Jago Grahak Jago) a toll free number 1800-11-4000. They will properly guide you what to do next.
    In my opinion you should once again email to pocket app and told them that you had contacted bank and according to them transaction is successful. And also mention consumer forum complain number. By giving complain number, you will be able to solve your problem at earliest.

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  • We all face such issue when making a transaction oline. It happens, due to technical issue or glitch. However, one doesn't need to worry or panic and upset. They usually refund the money to bank account within 74 hours or it can take up to maximum 7 working days.

    In future, when you make a transaction online, it's always recommended to note down the Transaction Reference No so that one can enquire and track the failed transaction incase it was unsuccessfull or incompleted.

    Quoting the transaction ID, one can enquire to the branch or escalate the issue to technical support team or submit a support ticket explaing your issue.

    They will revert back with solution.

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  • It is a very common problem that any one can face. You must contact the banking ombudsman of ICICI bank to resolve your issues. /but you must take a valid proof with you. Unless your complaint may not be taken.

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