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    Frequency and safety of Inter-city public bus services in Goa

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    I would like to know about the public transport system of bus services in Goa. It has been decades since I've been there and so I do have not much idea about the current services. Suppose I wish to travel from Madgaon to Madkai. My queries:
    1. Are there frequent bus services to & fro?
    2. From what time to what time can I board a public bus?
    3. What about the quality? Is it safe for a group of ladies to travel during late evening hours?
    4. What is the approximate bus fare from Madgaon to Madkai & back?

    Also, please let me know if the tickets are given on board by a conductor, as is the case with many city public transport systems in India, or do we need to do some advance booking of tickets? Do they give return tickets for the same route?
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  • Bus services provided from Madgoan to madkai
    7.48 pm to 9.56pm -- 8.15 pm from margoa city.
    9.33pm to 6.46 am -- 10.00 pm from amrgoa city.
    7.26am to 9.49am -- 7:40 AM from Rawanfond
    The bus fare varies depending on the transport that they are using. approximately in red bus it starts from Rs. 350.

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