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    Want to know what is best for my career?

    Searching for career options after BCA? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am studying BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) final year from Mohanlal Sukhadiya University. I want to know what to do after completing BCA? What are the career opportunities available after completing BCA? Which courses can I do after graduation? Can I do a job after my graduation?
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    please guide me

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    please guide me

  • Your best option after finishing BCA is to go for the MCA and MBA. You can also get into similar other post graduate options. That can be the most common way to approach career after BCA. Some people also go for the bank exams. Some choose to get into Civil exams. So this way things can be easily approachable.My suggestion is to either do MCA and get into IT field. Because that would start your career and also job. You can do job after graduation but it depends how good company you land. Doing experience through job is more likely to benefit you in the longer terms. Because this experience with post graduation can make it easier for you to get better opportunities in later life.

  • After completing BCA Undergraduate degree there are many options like choosing a job and later doing the Master of computer Application and growing further in the Information Technology Field. The MBA -Systems is also one of the best option if you are opting to do Management in the IT field.

    If you are capable of handling the programming languages like C,C++, Visual C, and the hottest fields like JAVA, CORE JAVA,,, C# which are used for web designing also HTML, ASP, VB, VB Script, Java Script are the known languages to search for the job either as a under graduate or as a Post Graduate. The industry looks for highly talented who will be able to do programs based on the computer languages and develop software for their companies. These are usually the programming languages that are needed at a entry level to search for the job in the company.
    There will be usually 3 to 4 rounds of interview , The English Test of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Apart from that technical interview questions which comes with the objective type and also oral questions by one of the member of the technical teams. The third or final round of interview will be like the HR will negotiate the salary package with you to work for their company.
    Enter in to the company as a entry level programmer is the window to the world of developments and improvements in life having responsibilities and duties to be carried out given by the company.
    After two years of work taking a MCA is really as good, the subject is well been understood and able to create projects of your own. Even adding additional fields like the Graphics and also hardware programming while doing the master degree will be good.
    Choose a good project that will be outstanding with remote systems so that nowadays remote internet, systems are more famous and easy to fetch the job with good packages.
    Apart from that if you are specially interested in the Hardware and networking, assembling servers and computers is also a good job with competeting packages with international certifications from the reputed companies like Microsof, IBM,etc...
    Hardware programming, chip level programming provides job in the specified companies like Intel with a good packages and carrier level improvements in life. ALso if you opt to choose to study MBA it might even bring you to the leader level, manager level inside the company.
    Even being Microsoft Office expert also fetches job with confidence and people have grown from there to a high level to the director level.

  • If you have requirement to get into IT field and start earning immediately, then get into a job after finishing your BCA. If it is ok for your wait for few more years, then I would suggest you to do MCA and then go a for a job. If you are ok with any field other than IT, then you may try applying for state public service commission exams or central government exams. Depending on the field you choose, you can take short term courses which will help you gain more knowledge.


  • After doing BCA ,You join a company and do MCA in correspondence way.
    Learning with doing are more beneficial.I have seen many boys,those are running their own centres .They are
    providing computer courses ,along with they are running CSC Cent res, which are provided by govt.Working in a company will make you more skilled.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

  • After doing BCA there are many options but it depends on individual aptitude and liking also that what direction he wants to move on. If financial constraints are not there, going for higher studies is a good option other wise what happens is once you have been in job for a few years it becomes difficult to come back to academic stream. So it is always advisable to complete the educational pursuits in one go.
    However in computer sciences there are many openings and opportunities as computer has become the part and parcel of each and every office and industry. For example long back in marine engineering career only mechanical engineering or diploma persons were required to run the show. Today they are working with a fully automated computerized control room and computer engineer is required to be present round the clock.
    So the industry has gone through a paradigm shift and we can not imagine life without a 24 x 7 server available to us.
    Please do not be fearful in joining small jobs for short time as they give you more experience than that of a big business house. The initial phase after education is for learning, it is not for simply administrating or record keeping or other petty jobs. It is the knowledge and experience acquired in the initial phases which saves you in grave situations in future.
    Remember acquiring education is one thing and applying it to practice is entirely another.
    Wish you all the best.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I suggest you to do MCA after completing BCA. These days its a very competitive scenario and if your pursuing your higher education with a job, there are chances for speedy growth in your career.

    Hirer will prefer a Candidate with good amount of technical know how / on the job know how compared to the one who has a mere PG certificate.

    Alternatively, you can try for MIS and many more programming related courses to boost your career.

    If your excellent and confident in designing and programming, you can start your own firm for website development/designing, Developing ERP Modules and this will surely lead your career in a different perspective due to exposure to the real scenarios and concepts.

    Hope you choose the best option wisely!

  • It is better if you go for MCA after this. After this course MCA you get lots of scope in software industry.

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