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    Need career guidance to achieve my goal

    Interested in setting up an educational organisation? Check out this Ask Expert page for resolution to all your queries.

    I have an aim for establishing educational organisation and I felt that I need to get some knowledge in the Management domain so I want to go for MBA. The question in-front of me is:
    Which course in MBA should I do: Full time or Executive or Distance MBA? Currently I am working as a software employee and moreover I cannot afford lots of money. Could anyone suggest me the correct path in achieving my goal?
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  • All those who started business are not all-knowing in the field they started. To start a venture, one should first have an 'entrepreneur spirit'. That is business acumen and the will power to get a business started and going by tackling any problem that comes along.
    It may not be needed to first go for MBA and then come and start an education venture. Sometimes time gap can kill the spirit and you may not feel the same interest after two or three years.
    Don't worry about lack of finance. There are many ways and facilities nowadays in getting finance for good ventures.
    However what you should be clear is:
    1. What you want to do? What field in education you want start?
    2. Will it be viable and successful in the place you want to start?
    3. Have you informally contacted those who are already in this field or observed those very closely?
    4. Have you got the will power and resilience to face any risks and solve problems?
    If you have correct and favourable answers for these problems, then managing may not be a problem. You can always hire experienced managers, principals and other workforce who is experienced in this filed.
    First you should have a vision, then a clear idea and then a viable project. You can also take professional help from those who make project preparations. But you should be able to assess overall and know the viability and success.
    The ideal suggestion is start small, go slow and steady until you gather experience .

  • Starting a business venture of any type needs know how in the field, adequate finance for creating facilities and will to work hard along with your team.
    Know how is primarily the most important aspect as that will decide the place where we want to operate, minimum facility we have to create and initial capital we have to arrange or take loan from bank.
    If one wants to start an educational set up then we have to decide the branch and area in which we want to operate. Whether we want to open a primary school or we are ambitiously thinking of a technical institutes. What are the Govt. rules, regulations in this regard and what are the permissions we have to sought from the authorities.
    Doing MBA will add to the business skills and managerial performance of a person it will categorically not tell what business to start. So if education is the where we want to start a venture we must associate our selves to working of some educational institute so that we get some experience and do not waste our time in inventing the wheel.
    I think with knowledge and will to do we can do it.
    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Its good your ambitions are very high. Establishing an educational organisations requires lots of potential to work hard and make improvement with a single head or with the committee members. There should be a lot of management experience to handle the problems faced each and every time.
    Most of the edcational organisation has been lost since due to lag in quality from the teaching to the facility provided for the students.
    Choosing MBA is a good stream of education and also a way to learn the management techniques that will keep you going for your ambition. If the General MBA is chosen you will learn how to survive in the management as a manager and also know about the Management problems and solutions in order to keep the boss cool and good. Routine checkup of the employees including the attendance, taking care of their health is also important in the day to day activities. Providing the talent the additional responsibilities are also much important to know who is talented among the group.
    General MBA is much about maintaining about the employee and facilities and satisfying the customers and bringing up the name of the organisation. Studying Full time will give you time to analyse what problems and solutions emerge while you are a Manager of an organisation. This may also allow a lot of group discussion among yourself and the group and the solutions they provide for it on the group basis.
    Executive MBA is also a good way of learning the MBA quickly and is meant not only for executives but also for the persons who is already in the Management and also looks for hike. These Executive MBA consists same as the normal Full time MBA semesters being given in a year. Mostly executives who like challenging are used for these types of MBA for jobs also.
    Working as a software employee in an organisation is also a good way of learning the Management techniques. You can also opt for the MBA in distance mode since you will have both the education and the experience in handling a group of persons if you become as a Team Leader or as a Manager. The system is common
    in everything managing the employees and attaining the goal within in the specified time period in any streams of MBA.
    For education organisation there has to be more financial support and space available if you are doing it alone. or a place for rent and should be able to run the educational organisation. Running cost of the organisation is also important. Budget, employees, salaries, performance issues, keeping the aim in the right track are also important for these. As you are already in a company you can learn and observe these things and understand generally what is employee.
    MBA in general has Principles of Management papers which has more about managing the employees and making the organisation run smoothly. Opting for a Distance mode MBA seems to be a good option since you are already in the career path and earning so that you can do both the earning and also learning the degree from the reputed universities close to your home town or if your organisation is providing education for the employees. Most of the
    organisation do provide education for the employees working for them.

    M.B.A full time runs for 24 months , Executive M.B.A runs for at least a year and half, some institutes offers in one year it self. Distance mode MBA runs from two years to four years. MBA distance mode is a good M.B.A also.

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