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    What is the career growth in automation ?

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    I got a job in an automation company as a commissioning engineer. Salary is 10k- 15 k. After 2 yrs experience what
    will be my salary in this industry ? Can you suggest me some big companies which hire automation engineer?
    For automation test engineer what kind of candidate profile is required?
    Can you Suggest the above for my career growth?
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    If you are fresher and do not have much experience and exposure, you may going on like this only with some small marginal increase.
    However if you have good experience and expertise, then you can get better salary. But you need not expect a huge salary soon.
    The career path for a test engineer is something like, senior test engineer, test lead , test manager also can be QA lead, QA Manager etc. There is definitely demand for good hands and experts. But you need specialisation and updation with learning more and new and update matters in the field. You may add certifications etc on the go constantly to update and keep in demand.

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    Industrial automation is a very big area now considering the fact that in all the industries automation is the only choice for increasing productivity and efficiency.
    Under this scenario one has to attempt for switching the job from one company to another after examining the pros and cons.
    There is lot of information in net regarding jobs in this area. One of the sites where such jobs can be found is
    Because of limited jobs and large number of aspirants it is becoming difficult to get a good job but remember hard work and persistence has no substitute.
    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What matters in private sector is the knowledge and skill that you have. By the quality of sheer knowledge, you can change your organization and get a handsome salary.
    So the answer to your question is that please as a fresher don't concentrate more on money rather you lay focus on the work and learn the tool/Language very well. This would help you to present you work in the future. In private sector you have to change job in order to get a good package. And all this happens once you have niche skills and good knowledge.

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